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Found 6 results

  1. I am having trouble with the fields in my C# component not showing up in the Node Properties section of the Parameters window. I have a PlayerJump component attached to an object of type ObjectMeshStatic with 2 fields which I want to be able to modify in-editor. One of them is a jump key, a key on the keyboard I want to use for jumping, and a jump force. using Unigine; [Component(PropertyGuid = "7f93b2a9029f5bf4d7fdd6c350ef8d4696b903ed")] public class PlayerJump : Component { [Parameter(Title = "Jump Key")] public Input.KEY jumpKey = Input.KEY.SPACE; [Parameter(Title = "Jump Force")] public float jumpForce = 10f; private BodyRigid rigidBody; private void Init() { rigidBody = node.ObjectBodyRigid; } private void Update() { if(Input.IsKeyDown(jumpKey) && rigidBody) { rigidBody.AddForce(vec3.UP * jumpForce); } } } Neither of them show up in the editor (demonstrated in the included GIF), even if I make them public or make them private and add the ShowInEditor attribute. The fields don't show up in my current project, a new clean project or even the C# Third Person Platformer demo. Is there perhaps a tick box I haven't ticked on somewhere or am I declaring the properties wrong or is there something else going on?
  2. Hi guys, I downloaded Unigine yesterday and so far I am having a blast trying everything out. But I just can't seem to understand how exactly properties and components work. I understand the idea and structure behind it, but when I try to create a property file (by declaring it in a C++ class), it just doesn't work and I don't see any newly generated file in the editor. So my questions are: 1) Does the C++ class that inherits from ComponentBase need to be at a specific location to be recognized by the engine? 2) I followed your Pawn/Spinner/Projectile tutorial (but with my own variables) - set the property name, parameters, etc., registered it in AppSystemLogic and made sure that REGISTER_COMPONENT is implemented in my newly created class. When I build the solution and run the app, nothing happens. What did I miss? 3) More of a general question, because coming from Unity and Unreal Engine, it's a bit confusing: If I edit the code in Visual Studio and save it, is the Editor updated automatically or do I have to do anything else? It confuses me because I followed your programming documentation and when I run the app from VS it worked during my first steps, but if I run it from the SDK nothing happens. The workflow is really new for me... Thanks for any help!
  3. Hi, I observed that custom properties (inherited from node_base or surface_base) are unloaded from Editor2 (they disappear from property hierarchy panel) in the case of error in script file (when you reload world with error in script). To load it again it is necessary to restart Editor2. Please fix it ASAP.
  4. Hi, I observed that properties (node properties with attribute version) not working with Editor2 for property file, eg.: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <properties version="0.01"> <property name="xyz" parent="node_base"/> </properties> This property will be not visible in Properties panel in Editor2.
  5. I observed that custom properties attaches to nodes are not loaded when world is loaded via console (it is also used by Browser by Edit Content button which load level through launch_editor.bat) in Editor 2. It's looks like custom properties are not loaded before world is loaded. So in console you will see a message: Node::setProperty(): can't find "CUSTOM_NAME_XXX" property. Then if you save a world you will lose your custom properties on all nodes. As workaround you can just reload world and properties will be reattached. There is no problem if you not load world via console (e.g. world_load \"WORLD_NAME_XXX\"), just start Editor 2 and open level by file menu.
  6. Hi all, In last Unigine version (alpha 2) the Assign property button in Properties Window does nothing for selected objects. Can be easily reproduced, in my case open billboards_00 sample, load editor and try to assign node_base property from this window to any billboard object. Best regards.
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