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Found 5 results

  1. Hi; I'm investigating replacements for our current 3D rendering system. I'm currently looking at Unigine. I'm seeing videos or tutorials on how to create a new C# project but i can't find anything on how to add it to an existing project. Another question. Our application is a winforms and a WPF control to host the existing 3D Rendering control. How can you incorporate unigine into a WPF control? Shawn
  2. diffrence between C# and C++ on programming ?

    hey everybody , i`m an indie game developer and i been working with unity engine and c# for about 4 years. and i have good understanding of c# and it`s related API. but when i`m migrated to Unigine i find out that it`s support both C# and C++ and apart from they`re differences on syntax or structure or memory and thread management is there any differences on using each one on Unigine? i mean differences on performances does using C++ on unigine makes our game better and faster ? or something else ? any quote will be so appreciated .... thanks
  3. Secondary Scripting Languages

    Just wondering if there's a remote possibility of plans for Unigine supporting other scripting languages. Say native C#, Python, LUA... anything?
  4. Hi all! We here at Digital Arrow are working on the Fantasy RPG project, Dilogus - The Winds of War. More info in the official Unigine Press release available here. Currently, we are expanding on the programming front, and are interested in adding up to two members to our team. Either individuals or an outsourcing company. The tasks involved would be gameplay and nettworking related. Requirements: Knowledge of C++ a must Ability to adopt specific scripting methods relevant to engine technology (Unigine Engine) Ability to work independently and as part of a team Must be able to take instruction well and work to mutually agreed deadlines Creativity and problem solving skills required Patience, tenacity and a positive attitude a must Must speak English fluently Pluses: Understanding of Multiplayer Replication is a big plus Strong understanding of Modular Programming is a big plus Familiarity with the Linux platform Strong 3D math knowledge (vectors, matrices, quaternions) is a big plus GMT +1, GMT or GMT-1 Timezone for enhanced communication Good understanding of the RPG genre including game systems, object ID based equipment and procedural algorithms Strong Unigine Engine experience/familiarity (UnigineScript) is a big plus Knowledge of Redmine task tracking As before mentioned, we are both interested in working with individual freelancers and companies that offer programming services. If you are interested, please contact us: E-mail: jobs@digital-arrow.com Skype: the.tripx Thank you for your time.
  5. I am (Kot in Action Creative Artel) potentially interested in joining forces with another indie studio for bringing Steel Storm 2 project to life. Currently we are using Darkplaces game engine, but I believe we can offer more to our users by utilizing Unigine engine. The biggest issue is that we are 2-men team. A contract coder (QuakeC only) and the founder of Kot in Action who is an artist (truly yours). The perfect solution is to join forces with either skilled C++ coder or an indie team with skilled UnigineScript coder. Looking forward to hear from interested persons. Cheers, -- Alexander "motorsep" Zubov, founding shambler of Kot in Action Creative Artel http://www.kot-in-action.com http://www.steel-storm.com http://modding.kot-in-action.com
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