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  1. world1.world - UnigineEditor - (DX11) 2021-02-11 18-59-55.mp4 Unigine version This happens is in world1 data.zip
  2. Hi, I am not able to find any info in the docs on this, I have been looking at the parameters window and i can't see any option which can be used to constraint a Rigidbody's Rotation or Position. Auto-Complete also didn't provide anything useful when i type BodyRigid.Constraint, how to enable body Constraints in unigine?
  3. Global Water with Physics

    Hi, I'm working on a naval game with Unigine Community, but I have a question, how can i apply the physics of water in a global water as shown in this video: Thank you very much, Bye.
  4. Hi, could you please give me an advice to the following problem: Once I create a primitive box object on the scene then attaching rigid body into it and changing its Scale Transforms, why the Scale Transforms is reverted back to its original values once the physical simulation toggle is on. Thanks a lot.
  5. Hi every one I have a problem I followed the tutorial on YouTube about Physics And then when I change Body type to water it noting happen and turn back to none. I can change to another type but I want to use water type.
  6. Hi there. I've been trying to figure this out and I can't tell if there is Local Fluid Simulation or not. But I know the global mesh of water and stuff is simulated as a 2D grid with point particles positioned in the vertices of the mesh. And I was wondering if it was possible to use Local Fluid Simulation to for example, have a boat fill up with water after getting cracked hull and it starts to sink. Being able to make boats fill with water would be amazing.
  7. Hello, We have played with the ClothSimulation and the PhysicalWind. The following questions came up so far: How to synchronize the wind across multiple computers ? referring to a similar discussion How to achieve a deterministic/synchronized state for the physic-bodies inside the simulation? Is there something similar to setSyncMode takeSyncData applySyncData Thank you in advance, Regards, Sascha
  8. 1. How to collect convex shapes together in one body in editor? 2. Using scripts? 3. By manually editing the *.node file, copying the "ShapeConvex" parameters from another *.node file? 1. This is impossible, as I understand it. Look first video below. 2. ... ? 3. This is possible! Look last video below. Suggestion for Unigine developer team: Create a UI panel "choose mesh" in editor for physics convex shape. standard.mp4 3_editedNodeFile.mp4
  9. Hello. Physics of ObjectTerrainGlobal without render (using surfaces - rendering viewportmask 00000000 in Engine or Unigine::Render::get()->setEnabled(0) in code for example) didn't work. My object falls through the bottom. With using render it works, but i need without render. Is it bug? Or is it normal logic of ObjectTerrainGlobal? P. S. i work in version 2.7.2 and i can't updgrade to the new version.
  10. How simulate fluid on bumpy terrain

    How to simulate hydrodynamics behaviors of water on bumpy terrains? The effect may not be exact, reasonable is good enough. The scenario is somewhat like pouring some water onto bumpy ground, and water stream would be affected by gravity and terrain geometry, when 2 flows of water come together, they will merge into one stream. And if there is a hole in the terrain, the stream will flow into the hole by gravity. How can we do that?
  11. Hello, I created swimming pool scene and wanted to floats some objects on the water. Water created in swimming pool by Objectwatermesh node.... how can i puts some floating objects like waterwings, rubber duck etc to bring more detailing about swimming pool. Please provide any solutions...that make my scene complete. Mayur patel
  12. [SOLVED] Landscape and Physics

    Hello, I am new in this world and I have many doubts. I have a problem with the Landscape. I have create a Landscape object through LandsCape Tool and I have put it on the World. Later I have created a sphere object. My problem is that I do not know how to set the physics on the LandScape in order to interact with the sphere. The sphere always goes through the landscape. I hace create a box and I have situated it below the sphere. In this case, the sphere does not go through the box. Best regards Rafael
  13. Remove physics shape crashes Editor2

    Hi, In my case I cannot delete Physic shape from Rigid body. It's crashes Editor2 e.g.: I cannot replicate this problem at new scene. But it stays for me even without any implemented code or script. It's happens even for a new world. So it may be related with my updating project for new version of SDK.
  14. I have playeractor problem

    hi , i'm studying for Unigine. i have a problem. I saw sample ' actor01' and i knew playeractor is need to move physics playermoving. playeractor works when playeractor pivot is appeared in my camera. However, playeractor pivot is not in my camera , playeractor doesn't work. please help me how can i solve it.
  15. Is it possible? Is it on a roadmap? I'm evaluating Unigine. Ideally we'd be able to plug in our own physics engines, and use existing ones such as Bullet. I've seen some forum posts alluding to this, such as this: > We are considering to add 3rd party physics engine integration later this year (or at the beginning of the 2016). https://developer.unigine.com/forum/topic/3543-physics-engine-stability-improvement/?hl=%2B3rd+%2Bparty+%2Bphysics#entry18727 I'm on a trial and can't access https://developer.unigine.com/en/docs/future (not sure why). Thanks, Sam
  16. Where to put car physics?

    What is the best suitable code area to put a cars physics calculations such as torque velocity etc. onFlush, onPreUpdate, onUpdate, onPostUpdate or onRender? After I calculate physics I send them via network. Where should I send and receive these values? Thanks.
  17. Hi, I have developed a game over game framework. I am using your Car, Level, Driver examples. My car is getting commands from UDP ( wheel, gas, brake etc.) Anyway, If my camera is not looking at my car physics are not working. It gets ignition, gas but it is not moving unless I turn camera to car. Is there anything to fix it? It makes no sense. I should not always look at my car. Before you ask, my code is too huge and complicated to send. But I don't think there is something about my code. There must be a setting maybe rendering setting. Thanks.
  18. Hi, For a car simulation, I've made some tests with JointSuspensions, but I've realized that it's not possible to keep real mass values for the bodies without getting instability. The physics car demos have still "fake" values like gravity of -19.6 or a car mass of 4Kg to get better mouvement. It would be great if you improve this. Regards, Philippe
  19. Hi. I'm developing the forklift simulator using UNIGINE. I got some problem. 1. Vibration Black box(load) is vibrated when I lift up the Black box using fork. The Black box slip over on the fork and drop on the floor. 2. Lift up Red palette is never lift up using fork. Thin surfaces are can't resist fork. I mean fork go through the any thin surface(kind a red palette's upper surface, black box side surface) 3. Friction I feel there's no friction. Fork can lift up the black box only but can't move left and right. Fork and load move separately. How can I solve these problem ? I attach a simple forklift simulation file. Please give me a reply ASAP. folklift_test.zip terrain.zip
  20. Hi, we have a vehicle model that will run scripts for engine torque, rpm, efficiency, etc. I calculate a torque value from car engine to geartrain and differentials, then apply the torque to the wheels, Unigine handles the physics beyond that point. I need to fetch the rolling resistance experienced by the wheel, so that I can take into consideration the negative torque feedback to the engine to use it as engine load. Is there a way I can "get" the current forces on the wheel? Cem. P.S.: I am using JointWheel by the way.
  21. Hi, We need to implement a physics based tank with wheels and tracks but are facing some issues. 1. The track chain is coming off the wheels, similar to the physics/tracks_02 demo. 2. Track pieces are colliding with each other and causing unwanted dynamics. 3. The tracks are vibrating significantly when tank is not moving, similar to the physics/tracks_02 demo Can anyone share some info on how to go about creating tank physics or provide a working prototype? Thanks in advance.
  22. When we want to do something like backward rewind, we get some problems with BodyFracture (& potentially created/removed bodies). When we do rewind, all is ok, but crack pieces are still enabled & we can`t get it work propertly using script. I have some notes about how to do it right modifying physics.saveScene() & physics.restoreScene() logic: 1. We need to save body enabled/disabled state. 2. When actual scene has no physics body, but we want to restore scene which contains it, we need to ignore such bodies (now it crashes engine). 3. When we make restoreScene, we need to disable bodies, which is not exist in savedScene. To make this system more flexible, it can be possible to make some parameters (ignore / warning / create not existing, disable / remove not saved, compress freezed bodies (may be this needs to ignore performance optimizations)). Also i want to have some functions like saveScenesToFile. I think there is way to discard info about freezed bodies to reduce file size. This will be very useful for creating replay files. For now there is one way to do replay using save/restore state mechanism, and i think it is perfect way because of simplicity. But problem is in size of file which this system produce - it is not useful, direct video capture can be smaller size :D
  23. Hello, we cannot get character with Ragdoll to be physically updated by gravity and other physical force. At a very confusing state here, what function do we use to move any 'non-playerActor' characters with physical collision detection? Any tutorial on this at all?
  24. Ocean Physics for Ship Simulation

    We are about to start a job where you pilot a ship. Has anyone done a working ocean simulation in Unigine, where the ship interacts with large waves (3 to 5m height), over a large area eg 2km x 2km. Options I have considered are: - Somehow use a small physics water surrounding the ship and any items (ships, yachts, logs) in the immediate vicinity, around 2km x 2km tile. This may be a pain as we will still have to somehow have the objectwater, non physics ocean all the way to the horizon. - some way to raycast objects onto the objectwater, non-physics ocean?? maybe from 3 points and average them for a ship. The boat would need to be controllable in these alternatives and other objects would still likely follow paths or wayfinding. I have looked at some of the demo samples and there appears to be 2 different options for a physical ocean. physicalwater and objectwatermesh. What is the difference and which is more suitable to a large scale ocean simulator?
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