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Found 9 results

  1. Track Particle

    Hello, Track doesnt load properly for particle simulation as shown in image below Track File data
  2. Hello, we are starting a particle system on two different computers which have synchronized positions of the emitter with timestamps. How can we make sure that all emitted particles get the same position/orientation/contact points with colliding objects, because we are observing different values for them? Is there a seed which can be set to get the same results on both machines? Thanks, Sebastian
  3. Hi, sometimes when bounding boxes of particle systems, which are near to each other, change their size due to emitting new particles, the render order changes between them which results in popping of particles to front which were in the background before. The order changes back when the bounding box gets smaller again. Also when moving arround a popping occurs. Is there any mechanism which sorts the particles between two or more particle systems, to prevent this effect? From what I see only particles in the same particle system get sorted and render order between particle systems is calculated by the bounding volume distance to the viewer. Regards, Sebastian Vesenmayer
  4. Hello, I added a basic particles emitter on one of my Cigi entities. When the entity is instanced, the particle emitter does not start on the master, but it does start on the slaves, strangely. There is no code at all managing the entity, it's just a basic node listed in the entity_types.xml for cigi. The particle emission is of course enabled by default, the node itself is enabled, and it's at the root of the node. Am I missing something obvious?
  5. Particles suggestions

    Hello, a few suggestions for particles: when using an ObjectMeshCluster as a child of a Particle emitter, the size of the generated meshes can only be controlled through the "growth" coefficient. It would be nice if the birth size could also be controlled through the "Radius" parameter. A particle material can be set to use refraction, but not "transparent blur". This would be a great addition to simulate hot hair blazed from turbines (the real world visual clue is the blurriness, not so much the refraction, see here: https://st3.depositphotos.com/1671840/13258/i/1600/depositphotos_132588334-stock-photo-nh90-navy-helicopter-take-off.jpg ) particule atlas always use a 4x4 grid. Is it configurable ? particle procedural rendering: not described at all in the doc. Can't seem to make it work :( variation x/y: described in the doc, but I can't make it work. Am I missing something obvious? particles collision with water. It does work, but particles still always end up drowning and disappearing (I wanted to use them for a oil/debris left from ship); Can we control the buoyancy of the particles ? Thanks
  6. [SOLVED] Water trail issues

    Hi, We are working in a world with 2 ships that are very far away from each other. The ships have a water trail attached like in Oil Platform sample and also each ship has a dummy camera which follows it. In first place, when we switch between cameras there is a strange behaviour as it can be seen in these images: This trail comes from the position where the ship 1 was before switching to ship 2 camera, to the position where the ship 1 is when returning to ship 1 camera. This behaviour does not happen when ships are close to each other. Any tip of why is this happening and how can we solve it? In second place, water trail particles stop spawning when game camera is far away from the particle system source. Is there any way to force particles spawn always? (we can deal with performance decay). Thanks!
  7. I create particles on my moving object (car) But while car is moving, particles should stick into my object. But they pass through. Is it possible, if it is how? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I have particles and I want them to affected from physical wind. My car is affected from wind ( can't reach maximum speed) but particles are not affected. Here is my code: pos_araba = target_car.getPosition(); vec3 direc = target_car.getDirection(); vec3 windvolumepos = pos_araba + rotateZ(180.0 * atan2(direc.y, direc.x) / PI) * vec3(5.0, -5.0, 1.0); //MUZAFFER: rüzgar wind = add_editor(new PhysicalWind(vec3(10,20,10))); wind.setLinearDamping(0.16f); wind.setAngularDamping(0.16f); wind.setVelocity(vec3(0.0f,0.0f,5.0f)); wind.setWorldTransform(translate(windvolumepos)); volume = add_editor(new ObjectVolumeBox(vec3(10,20,10))); volume.setMaterial("volume_fog_base","*"); volume.setMaterialParameter("diffuse_color",vec4(1.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f),0); volume.setWorldTransform(translate(windvolumepos)); To check out where is the wind box is I created a volume box. Here is my code for particles: particlesbaca = add_editor(new ObjectParticles()); particlesbaca.setMaterial("particles_base","*"); //particlesbaca.setMaterialParameter("diffuse_color",vec4(1.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f),0); particlesbaca.setMaterialParameter("diffuse_color",vec4(0.3f,0.3f,0.3f,0.0f),0); particlesbaca.setWorldTransform(translate(Vec3(0.0f,2.0f,1.5f))); particlesbaca.setParticlesType(OBJECT_PARTICLES_TYPE_LENGTH); particlesbaca.setSpawnRate(300.0f); //saniyede kaç tane üretilecek particlesbaca.setLengthStretch(0.01f); //uzatma particlesbaca.setLinearDamping(0.0f); particlesbaca.setEmitterType(OBJECT_PARTICLES_EMITTER_POINT); particlesbaca.setEmitterDirection(vec3(0.1f,0.0f,0.1f));//target_car.getBackPosition()); //yönü particlesbaca.setEmitterSpread(vec3(0.0f,0.0f,0.0f)); //particialların alanı particlesbaca.setEmitterSize(vec3(0.0f,0.0f,0.0f)); //boyut particlesbaca.setEmitterEnabled(1); particlesbaca.setGravity(vec3(0.0f,0.0f,-9.8f)); particlesbaca.setLife(2.0f,0.0f); particlesbaca.setRadius(0.1f,0.5f); particlesbaca.setVelocity(10.0f,0.0f); particlesbaca.setCulling(1); particlesbaca.setCollision(0); particlesbaca.setIntersection(0); particlesbaca.setEnabled(1); particlesbaca.setParent(target_car.getObject()); Should I turn or off an attribute for particles?
  9. When I try to ADD certain add-on FX samples: fire1, fire 2, for instance... I see the wiregrid bounding box moving, but I cannot get anything to display correctly (the actual effect is either just showing standard particles with no graphics if I enable the Root Dummy Node, or nothing at all). The child nodes (the actual FX) are not displaying... I increased spawn rate and changed a few parameters to try to solve the issue. I think I have some working (like the Explosions), though it's hard to tell if I'm seeing the entire sequence. Many of the others appear invisible, nothing happens. I opened up the SFX add-on file as a blank world, I can see them in the local library, etc... Thanks, Kevin
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