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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, When I add gravity to the particles And after reloading the project the gravity doesn't appear to affect the particles and shown in the image below... After reloading the project
  2. Clipping plane for particles

    Hi, Is it possible to have an extra clipping plane for particles? When the near clipping plane distance is really short, particles will get very big in front of the viewer while moving through them. Is there any other solution to do that? Thanks, Sebastian
  3. Particles enable disable by API

    Hi, I try to turn on and off a object particles which I loaded by Unigine::World::get()->loadNode, but nothing happens. The code below will be visited in debug. But particles are still spawning. Unigine::Vector<Unigine::NodePtr> hierarchy; myloadednode->getHierarchy(hierarchy); for (auto & node : hierarchy) { if (node->getType() == Unigine::Node::OBJECT_PARTICLES) { Unigine::ObjectParticlesPtr particle = Unigine::ObjectParticles::cast(node); particle->setNumberPerSpawn(0); particle->setEmitterEnabled(0); } } Did I forget something? Thanks, Sebastian
  4. Particle Size Bug?

    I have a strange behavior with particles and Radius. When I use a mesh cluster for a mesh based particle for a particle system, the Radius (as well as the spread and groth) doesnt work. When I increase the Radius ... the particle become smaller and vice versa. Somehow it shows some more weird behaviors. It seems, that the Radius value is influencing something else (Could it be, that this have been mixed with the Emitter Size somehow?) As well, the groth shows very odd behavior and the spread of Radius and Groth as well - decreasing the values.
  5. [SOLVED] Global Paticles - Deflectors in nodes?

    Hello Folks I'm trying to get dedicated deflectors to my nodes, which should intercept with my global particle system. To Explain you: When i have a House preset, i can create a deflector in my particle system, even set it to word coordinates instead of local - all fine. but i need a more accurate way, an automated. We will have player build castles, workhouses and living-houses. How can i get a deflector into their node which we spawn when the building is finished by a player, which then interacts with the global, always present rain particle system. i would love to achieve that with deflectors, as real time intersection <<physic>> is a no-go performance wise. Any ideas?
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