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Found 8 results

  1. Whole GBuffer for Fisheye

    Hi Everyone, While implementing a custom fisheye renderer I had some interesting ideas regarding screen space effects. Our fisheye rendering works similar to the panoramic rendering of Unigine: We create several images in various directions and stitch them back together. Here is an image of the Unigine panoramic rendering to give you a feeling of how the process works (I deliberately left SS effects on to make the different images visible): Since the different images are created independently, all screen space effects need to be disabled. Leaving them enabled leads to
  2. We are developing features related to panorama rendering. When rendering a panorama, you can get a normal output through "video_grab". But we want to get a larger resolution capture file. Is there a way to change the resolution when capturing a panorama rendering screen ??
  3. Hi. I am currently developing a program that make 360 VR output image in runtime. Related source is "ScreenShot of C ++ sample". Normal render(not panorama) mode captures output image nicely.(Attached File : screenshot_Normal.png, 3840*2160) But in panorama render mode capture output image not properly.(screenshot_VR.png ) In Init function set the panorama view and add callback function. auto render = Render::get(); render->setPanorama(4); //create viewport viewport = Viewport::create(); viewport->removeSkipFlags(Viewport::SKIP_VISUALIZER)
  4. Panorama artifacts

    Hello When using a panorama rendering, there can be some very strong visual artifacts at the joints of the cube-mapped scene. See below: - The bottom face does not have the same exposure settings as the other. - The bright glowing halo around the white orb (billboard) above the test ball appears splitted - there is a black line separating the front faces when the window is resized. If the window is not resized, this line is not visible - when the camera is rotating, a seam is visible vertically (even when the black line is not visible), similar to a scanning effec
  5. 360 degrees panorama video creation

    Hi Unigine Developers, I need to know how you created this video in 360 degrees. 360 degrees panorama video We have looked at the Unigine plugins for finding something to generate, but we do not see anything like this. How did you create it?
  6. hi, when the application is running with "render_panorama" console command there a problem with shadows on mesh clutter objects. 1. run oil refinery demo 2. run the console command "render_panorama 4" on different screens shades drawn differently ​----------------------------------------------------------------- ​Добрый день, возникает проблема с тенями у mesh clutter объектов при использовании режима панорамы. В любой сцене,с mesh clutter объектами, в некоторых экранах панорамы некорректно отображаются тени, или вообще не отображаются
  7. Multi-projector Output with Edge Blending and Non-linear Image Mapping AppProjection is used to create multi-projector setups, that are commonly-used for virtual training and simulation systems. Due to edge blending and non-linear image mapping support, it is possible to create large curved displays covering 360 degrees, if required. Settings for each projection (via Main menu -> Wall -> Projection) include: Geometry distortion correction Soft-edge blending Color correction Adjustable field of view and bezel compensation are also available. The number of displays in a row is con