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Found 2 results

  1. [SOLVED] Orthographic camera

    Hello everyone, I`m having a bit of a problem setting up a proper orthographic camera with C++ API in my projects. It seems that there is no way for me to change a camera projection without creating my own mat4 and passing it as an argument to setProjection to the class camera. Is there any other way around to acomplish this task without going in depth with matrix conversations?
  2. Orthographic light

    Hi, we have started a new project where we need to render +150000 lights at the same time. As this is imposible, we decided to bake lights in textures and then project them to terrain by using a light or a decal. For rendering textures we used an orthographic camera (which give us perfect textures) but LightProj fov minimum value is 1 (and has projection errors) and decal is affected by light, so it can't be seen at night. We need this textures to be rendered over terrain without global illumination (at night) but in orthographic projection as our render camera is. Is there any way to