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Found 9 results

  1. Vulkan Support

    I'm interested to know how many other developers are waiting for Vulkan support to improve rendering performance and compatibility.
  2. Migration 2.11 to 2.12

    Hello, I am migrating to 2.12 version right now. I fixed all api changes and changed config files from unigine.cfg to default.boot. But I am getting only a white picture for directx and opengl. We are managing opengl and directx context and application window by ourselves. Did anything change in graphics api usage? GPU usage is 100 % so it is rendering something but it is not swapping to the front buffer. Thanks
  3. OpenGL native context

    Hi, we currently try to use the unigine render context to render a external symbology to a texture within the same graphics context. To achive this we need to get the current context of the Unigine Render engine. We've tried to use the Unigine::RenderContext class by getting it from the App like this. App::get()->getGLContext() We've been also able to get the ogengl name of that context and the void* returned is not null. We currently have trouble interpreting the return value, as there is no further information. In a current setup that we use, we use glfw in the backend th
  4. [SOLVED] Qt integration with Unigine

    Hello everybody, we are planning a Project now with Qt Ui Elements on top of a Unigine Widget. We made a little research and found out that Qt is using a BackingStore to composite their UI Elements/Widgets (Labels, Buttons etc.). After calling winId() on a QWidget, the QWidget class creates a native HWND on Windows. When creating a OpenGL context with the HWND the rendered content is not blended correctly with the UI. Since Unigine uses the same technique with their AppQt example, we are wondering if you have any idea, how to do this. Or is there a s
  5. Directx11/OpenGL Reflections

    I'm having an issue with the water reflections in OpenGL. I am currently using the viewport masking for my water reflections so that it reflects a lo-res billboard model rather than a hi-res 3d model. When in Directx11 this works fine (As shown in the attached image) However, in OpenGL the surrounding areas of the reflecting billboard model are opaque. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. [SOLVED] OpenGL error

    Помогите, пожалуйста! Красила террейн в Editor terrain, а юниджайн упал. Всё конечно как-то сохранилось, и вроде выглядит нормально, но при загрузке мира появилась ошибка "OpenGL error: invalid value" . Причём если зайти сначала в другой мир, а потом в проблемный, ошибка исчезает. Что могло произойти и как это починить??
  7. We are currently looking for a C++ programmer to help with, project based, freelance coding. We would ideally like someone who is familiar with the Unigine C++ API. All work, milestones and payments will be conducted through Here is a link to our post: No need to sign up for elance unless you have been selected for the job. Please email me with any relevant work experience. This current need will be to pass .LIB files through the Unigine C++ API to create a voxel world in the Unigine engine. All voxel c
  8. Hello together, i got a batch file: set PATH=./bin;./lib;%PATH% ../main_x64 -video_app direct3d11 -sound_app openal -data_path ../ -system_script data/core/unigine.cpp -extern_plugin ../lib/Network -extern_define "_RUN_MODE_CLIENT" -console_command "editor_load && world_load data/relics_of_annorath/merasurien" -video_mode -1 -video_width 1600 -video_height 900 -video_multisample 0 -video_fullscreen 0 If i start this batch file i get an error: "OpenGL-Warning.png" If i say now. OK, he starts my application (FPS 9) then i try to go via Menu (esc) and swap there to DX11
  9. Hello, I am evaluating Unigine on my Mac running Mac OS X 10.7.3 Lion, and I found out that many benchmark app features that are supported on Linux (tested on Ubuntu) and Windows (tested on Windows 7) running OpenGL 4.2 Compatibility Context with latest AMD drivers, are not supported on Mac running by default OpenGL 2.1 Compatibility Context (the maximum which is suppported by Apple). Does Unigine support OpenGL 3.2 Core Profile Context introduced in Lion? If not, are there any plans for the support. Unfortunatelly Compatibility Context is stuck on 2.1 on Mac, and Apple AFAIK does not