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Found 2 results

  1. clone() method help

    We're working on having a trail of dust (ObjectParticles), and wish to set up a node of ObjectParticles one time and then clone it as it's needed. ObjectParticlesPtr sand_kick_actual = ObjectParticles::cast(Editor::get()->getNodeByName("ObjectParticles_0")->getNode()->clone()); sand_kick_actual->setEnabled(0); sand_kick_actual->setRadius(0.01f, 0.01f); sand_kick_actual->setWorldPosition(path_world_pos + random_offset); sand_kick_actual->setEnabled(1); However, at run-time this causes the following error message; Assertion failed! Program: ...ments\UNIGINE Projects\PBKC_2\bin\Unigine_x64d.dll File: engine\world\WorldSpatial.cpp Line: 2125 Expression: positions.find(position) != positions.end() && "WorldSpatial::removePosition(): can't find position" How do you go about cloning particle systems (or nodes in general) ?
  2. Tracker enable/disable function doesn't cleanly enable or disable ObjectParticles with Periods/Durations I even tried with putting my ObjectParticles in a DummyNode and enable that -> same result Rebuild scenario: - Take SFX Explosion (one of them) from the library - Add them disabled to the tracker and enable them somewhere in the tracker Explosion will reset every tracker frame where it should be "enabled" Cheers
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