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Found 5 results

  1. Object Based Programming

    Hi all, Is there a way to have a script just attached to one object? Rather than running the entire applications code in one file, i would like to have clean, readable segmented code in different Files Similar to the way that Unity Handles things. Currently the AppWorldLogic is How I've been handling most of my code, by getting a reference to nodes as i need them, however once we move out of the research and prototyping stage, a more organised system would be better, if possible. Thanks, OffPlanet
  2. Broken object visibility

    Hello Found rare set of parameters that lead to object disappearence at certain values of rotation minimal scene "roto_b" to reproduce bug, all common files from "roto_b\bin" was removed to have minimum allowed upload size with angle (?,?,376) object are visible with angle (?,?,368) object disappears
  3. objects cast rules

    Hello in uscript I load skinned mesh and then it must be casted to NodeReference in documentation I found nothing about how to cast ObjectMeshSkinned to NodeReference - it is not obvious for me ObjectMeshSkinned SM = new ObjectMeshSkinned("SM.mesh"); Node N_SM = SM; NodeReference NR_SM = new NodeReference(????); it will be very helpful if I can refer to some table with possible conversions between types - does that table/map/list exist? thanks
  4. I create an objecy dynamically. But it is not updating itself. Should I trigger update function? Fresia f = createEntity("Fresia"); //Creates f.blowerRotatePlus(); //Change sth on object f.setRollerDonus(1); //Change sth on object
  5. As the title states I'm trying to use the Tracker across multiple objects. Here's my scenario: I have a SkinnedMesh railroad crossing gate that has an arm up/down animation, plus emissive materials, plus audio. When some triggered event happens in a script I'm going to run the gate_down.track file which controls the material, audio, and animation, but I want that to happen identically with all instanced copies of this crossing gate. The tracker seems to only work on a per-object-id basis. Is this not possible? What's the best way for me to solve this? Thanks.