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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, It is possible to send data to specified client by Socket class (via UDP: SOCKET_DGRAM)? I have server and connected to it 5 clients and I want to send just one message for specified client for e.g. numbered 3. Do I can do it with Socket class or I should write my own implementation ? Thank's in advance, Jan
  2. This is really outrageous. Launched OilRush on Linux, to test networking performance. Went to Multiplayer > Create, chose 2-player map. "Start" button was grayed out, so I assumed I had to wait for wickedshell to connect. His game just got stuck on "please wait" message when he entered my IP address and pressed Join button. Same thing happened when he tried to host a game and I was trying to connect. What is going on? I just saw https://developer.un..._5844#entry5844 and these guys started with Unigine earlier last year. So if they couldn't figure out how to get networking to work since th
  3. Are there any immediate plans for better networking / prediction handling? Preliminary R&D did show us that we can't have the same low lag functionality and good prediction for multiplayer component of the FPS game (Steel Storm 2). Ideally, if we could get multiplayer to work in Unigine as good as Darkplaces, it would be a blast.
  4. DM and Co-op Networking

    Are there any useful samples or comprehensive documentation on Networking in Unigine? We need to have DM and Co-op modes in Steel Storm 2 (nothing fancy; just need good prediction and at least 16 players support) and there is nothing useful in the as I can see.. Can Unigine team point us a the right direction ? Thanks.