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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I just began writing network code for our project and got stuck with a few issues. I can run two servers : Server 1: port 50000 Server 2: port 50001 Now the client application has to search for the first available server from these two and connect to it. So first I need to find an available server. For this, inside Client init() I'm doing : network.pingAvailableLANServers( 49999, 50000 ); network.pingAvailableLANServers( 49999, 50001 ); The NETWORK_ON_PONG_RECEIVED call is registered to be handled by onPongReceived(). So assuming both servers are running, I can ex
  2. Compiler errors in IRC client

    UnigineSDK-source-2012-02-26/source/plugins/Network/source/irc_client/IRCClient.cpp from line 285 to 336 printf("%s",message.toString()); needs to change to: printf("%s",message.toString().c_str()); Hope you already fix it!=) You should update our sources btw =)
  3. Built-in Server browser ?

    Does Unigine have built-in server browser, so players can see if game servers (a particular game that is built with Unigine) are running, how many players on them, ping, etc. ?