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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I am developing a networking framework for a number of game engines that support c#. I recently made it to Unigine and am now integrating the Galaxy Network with this great game engine. In this thread, I would like to share the latest news and answer your questions. I'll tell you a little about the network solution. Galaxy Network is a client and server part with a set of basic functionality, capable of operating both in a fully authoritative mode and in a relay mode. The server supports Windows, Linux and MacOS. I'll tell you briefly about the functionality and paint it in different colors. Green is what has already been tested and works in Unigine. Yellow - running, but testing is incomplete. Red is something that still needs to be done. Net: Login / Register Accounting for network connections Automatic work with NAT Automatic reconnection Traffic encryption support Packet spoofing protection Support for messages with and without guaranteed delivery, with sorting, with priority. Support for automatic drop of obsolete messages. Routing (server, client, instance, entity) Instances (rooms, worlds, locations) Creature Getting the list Instance manager Sending a message to all clients of an instance Support for client management (client-side logic execution) Automatic and manual host transfer for non-authoritarian or partially authoritarian logic Full support for authoritarian logic (execution of logic on the server) Physics support Supports network frames from (1 to 120 network fps) The ability to set a password to enter Ability to create invisible instances Network visibility Server Invoke system Network entities (network objects) Create / delete Server physics support Support for an authoritarian model. Support for a non-authoritarian model. The ability to transfer an object to another player, or transfer to an authoritarian model. The ability to balance objects between clients The ability to directly exchange messages between entity instances Entity creation and deletion functionality (node) Built-in synchronization of position and orientation in space Automatic synchronization of variables Other functionality Built-in protobuf support Built-in Bit serializer There is no database dependency. Any .net compatible one can be used. Physics Server-side physics is present, but collider baking for Unigine has not yet been implemented. I will update this paragraph with specific capabilities when I complete the integration. Despite the large functionality supported by the kernel, I still have a lot of work to turn GalaxyNetwork into a convenient plugin for Unigine. Thanks for your attention.
  2. [SOLVED] RakNet plugin

    Hi, Is it mandatory to install raknet plugin for creating simple network sample? Because I am trying to load the network sample available in the Unigine from Editor & I am getting quite a few interperter error, one of which is mentioned below, but if I run using the .bat files located at /demos/ folder it works properly. network/network.h:30 :Intreperter:parse_expressions(): unknown token "network" in network.getUpdateTime() expression. Thanks
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