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Found 4 results

  1. NavigationSector unexpected behaviour

    Hi, We are making a navigation structure for a building with NavigationSectors but when we get the path, some results are not as expected. In some cases, the path calculated is obviously longer than other paths available and we can't figure out what is happening or if we are making a mistake. We have set same mask to all NavigationSectors, same Quality, Velocity and Dangeours. We also made sure that all sectors are connected properly and wrote an expresion that draws the path given and its total length. We have made an isolated project with just the navigation, the expresion t
  2. Hi, When I run my app in release mode, when I change the controls hotkeys (Forward, Backward, etc...), it is not saved for the next launch :-( I would like to launch my app in release directly with custom hotkeys for the navigation. (In editor it works fine because the hotkeys are saved in the custom_preset) Is there a way to do that in release mode ? Thanks. Regards, Philippe
  3. [SOLVED] Moving wasd camera faster

    Usually I use wasd to get around my scenes because it feels the most natural, but in Unigine the wasd controls are painfully slow. Even while holding shift, I feel like I'm moving an inch an hour. I heard someone say that the speed is different per world file. Is there a setting to speed the camera movement up?
  4. Hello, I'm having a little problem with implementing AI which looks like a beginner issue but I'm not able to figure it out. I'm trying to create an animated agent AI that moves towards another static agent(ally). Both these agents, a ground plane and a Nav sector of size 1024 * 1024 * 9 have been created in the world. I've created a custom AI class with a Node type member variable initialized using findNode(). Once that is successful I'm going into route creation. This is what is done : Init() { route = new PathRoute(2.0f); route.setMaxAngle(0.5f); route.create2D(po