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Found 7 results

  1. Migration 2.11 to 2.12

    Hello, I am migrating to 2.12 version right now. I fixed all api changes and changed config files from unigine.cfg to default.boot. But I am getting only a white picture for directx and opengl. We are managing opengl and directx context and application window by ourselves. Did anything change in graphics api usage? GPU usage is 100 % so it is rendering something but it is not swapping to the front buffer. Thanks
  2. I'm new to unigine (migrating from ue4), I'm following the getting started guide (migrating from ue4) but the compiler can not find this file UnigineCustomApp.h ,, (this file is not in the source/headers tree (sdk)) Can we use Cpp in this "Community Edition" or we must buy an upgrade?? Tools: Win10, Clion & VStudio 2015 Unigine 2.11.01 Community * C++ Cmake Empty project template
  3. Material migration 2.8 to 2.11

    Hello, during migration of some materials i did observe that some parameters names vanished/changed. One particular is "volume_scale", am I right it is "soft_interaction_scale" now? Are there any other names that have changed? Thanks
  4. [SOLVED] Migration 2.7 to 2.8

    Hi, we want to migrate from 2.7 to 2.8 to keep our code base up to date. We did replace all the API changes, but our application cannot initalize the Engine anymore. From the debugger I can see, that it never returns from the AsyncGPUThread::run method. Our product is already using QOpenGLWidget which needs compatibility context of OpenGL for QWidget composition to render alpha blended widgets on top. Context version is 4.6. We are managing OpenGL contexts by ourself, because we also need to support legacy libs, which use immediate opengl code. The Unigine Engine runs in own QT
  5. Hi, I managed it to migrate from 2.7.1 to It works so far when we are not using decals for most of our scene, but we recognized a significant change in the shading. We did no changes to our Material initialization and textures, but the image is brigther and more saturated. Why is this happening? Files attached. Thanks
  6. Hello, I find that a lot of useful features from Editor 1 have been left behind in Editor 2. The documentation of still references them, though. Among the missing features: - Helpers->Shadow cascades - Blend parameters of Height Textures in Terrain detail (this one is direly needed!) : Threshold, Width and Contrastparameters allow you to control the blending of the detail according to the mask. Maybe the doc should at least have a note stating if the feature is deprecated, or will be added back in the next version :)
  7. Hi there After migrating our scenery to 2.2.1, we are observing that the object wireframes are not shown correctly. They are visible from inside the models and not from outside... I attached the images for a better understanding. Kind regards, Renato