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Found 6 results

  1. Viewport mask query

    We have a use case where we need to render some set of objects in a viewport and few in a different viewport, like this we require 4 viewports to be created. Is it advisable to just use single viewport and update its viewport mask 4 times every frame and render the 4 frames or its better to create 4 separate viewports with each one with a different mask.
  2. [SOLVED] Landscape mask issue

    bug_landscape_mask.mp4Hello, I'm creating a Landscape with a Mask with the Landscape Tool. I added an elevation file (DT2), an imagery file (ECW), and a landcover file (geotiff). On the landcover I added a tag ("forest") matching a specific color, with 0 threshold. I then generated the terrain, and the landscape is correctly displayed in the Editor. Then, in the Editor, I select the Landscape "Terrain Global" tab, scroll to the Mask section, and select the "forest" tag. All forest are correctly highlighted in the Editor (image 0.png). But as soon as I slightly move (the camera,
  3. Tree Clutter Painting Slow

    I've created a clutter object for each of my terrain tiles and I'm experiencing the same issue a lot of other users have been getting which is that painting the clutter mask is tremendously taxing. I go from 90fps to 4fps. This is a problem in itself but the even bigger problem is that the clutter objects don't actually appear on the terrain until several seconds later. I think my values are correct but I'm not entirely sure what could be going wrong. Are these values sane? Terrain: 2049 x 2049 Step: 3.172 ObjectClutter: 1024 x 1024 Spawn: 1 Visible: 100 Fade: 50 Size: 6499.43 x
  4. Can't paint with mask editor

    I've run into a couple problems since migrating to Unigine 2. The first is that I can't paint on the terrain mask. The diffuse, holes, and heights brushes all work fine, but the mask brush has problems. I set the brush to "replace", selected a material, maxed out the brush's radius, sharpness, and opacity settings, and set the limits to 0, 90, -100, and 200000. When I press ALT+LMB to draw, there's a lag spike that lasts about 3 seconds. When the lag ends I can scribble on the terrain, but nothing happens. Occasionally I'll see a very slight change in the textures, but it's almost nothing. All
  5. Видела в одном из примеров облака сделанные, кажется, билбордами. Можно ли таким облакам задавать генерацию густоты по средствам маски? И вообще есть ли способ генерировать условно объёмные облака по маске.
  6. Mask problem on WorldClutter

    Hello. I have some issues with the tutorial: Adding vegetation: Random Scattering of Objects. In the step 3, point 8, it says to load a Mask, I have these 3 mask (Attached on the thread) I have a WorldClutter under the ObjectTerrain node, a 2049x2049 (step 1, height 350, lod 100) heightmap imported, then I add 1-3 types of vegetation .nodes, and it works nice, and add trees in the entire world, but the problem come when I try to import a mask, so the trees didnt grow on some zones, the thing is, it didnt take any kind of effect, like theres no mask imported, if I click on the eye i