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Found 10 results

  1. [NOTABUG] Do not run on Linux

    [ MX Linux 19.2 ] Open Unigine browser via console. Open created Empty C# project by "Open Editor" in Unigine browser (everything by default). Get console error: GGLRenderContext::createContext(): glXCreateContextAttribsARB(): failed Project do not open. Video card: Console log: Also crash on startup on samples with error: How to fix it?
  2. Ubuntu 18.04 STL 1. Вставляю ком. строку из туториала для докчки необходимых библиотек: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-3.16.0-4-all gcc g++ make ccache libgl1-mesa-dev libxrandr-dev libxinerama-dev libopenal1 libxrender-dev libxext-dev libc6-dev libx11-dev Он ругается и пишет: Думаю, окей запущу .run файл. 2. Регаюсь, скачиваю, нажимаю на файл, открывается в текстовом редакторе. 3. Установилось??? Говорит ошибка, если редактировать в любом случае(UTF 8), то все символы коверкаются на инопланетные символы. Если нажать "повторить", то он зависает: Ну а ес
  3. I've noticed the following point in the linux documentation but there is not "lib" sub-folder in the SDK folders
  4. Hi, I've just installed the 2.11 Community SDK and the C# Api button is disabled in the SDK Browser I'm on Arch Linux Mono is installed and configured (used in other projects that need it, like Godot Engine) I've also noticed the following point in the linux documentation but there is not "lib" sub-folder in the SDK folders Thanks for your answers
  5. Linux HTC Vive support

    Hello! I'm developing VR(HTC Vive) application on Unigine Linux SDK. But I can not find any documentation on how to integrate HTC Vive in my application.I already installed Steam Vr via Steam. All that I found is how to do it on Windows version of SDK. Should I do it manually via code or can you provide me some information about it please?
  6. Qt/Qml integration

    Hi, we are trying to integrate Unigine with Qt/Qml. On windows using DX11 it work perfectly but on linux with opengl it doesn't work. We have an Unigine viewport and some Qml widget (Qt5QuickWidgets) created dynamically, when a qml widget is created both Unigine and Qt stop refreshing with the following error : OpenGL error: invalid operation Any help would be appreciated. You can reproduce it easily editing the source code of source/app/main_qt : (.zip with complete source code provided) : -------------------------------- QT += core gui widgets quickwidgets
  7. Creating C# application in Linux

    Hi, I'm trying to get started with this guide to create a C# application: I have installed Mono the way that is recommended in the guide, and it works. But when I try to create a new project in UNIGINE SDK Browser, I can only choose between the APIs C++ (GNU Make), C++ (QMake) and UnigineScript only. What do I miss or do wrong? Thanks!
  8. Can't run any project

    Hello there, I just downloaded the SDK, tried to setup a new project, but clicking on the "Run" button doesn't make anything... So I tried to run it through a new terminal, as I found a "" in my project's folder, and I got an error: ---- Plugins ---- Loading ""... EnginePlugins::addPlugin(): can't load "" library cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I didn't found anything providing this library (even in bigger distributions' repositories). I installed the package 0ad, which provides a "",
  9. The unigine (2.2.1 linux Sim src) editor and projects always crash on startup. This happens both when launching them from command line and from the SDK Browser, both for existing and newly created empty projects. I have tested on two different machines with different linux distributions (OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 and CentOS 7), it happens on both. Both of them have working NVidia drivers installed. The problem also occurs with the Valley Benchmark demo too. I send attached the console output generated when running from command line, there is not much to work on in there, just a "Received
  10. I just started out with Unigine yesterday so I might be missing something, but I seem to be getting 100% glossy screenspace reflections on Linux. I set up all materials to write to the auxiliary buffer and added the vanilla screenspace reflections post effect shader to the Render stage. I'm using an AMD FX-8320 and an Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 with Unigine 2.0.1, kernel 3.19.0, glibc 2.21, proprietary driver 355.11 on an Ubuntu-based distribution. Can anyone reproduce? I'm going to pop on over to Windows and see if the same thing happens there.