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Found 3 results

  1. Going 4K resolution with many lights

    Hi, we are now integrating lights for our airport scenes. We tried to implement it with LightProj Objects and are generating very much of them (>300). They have no shadows enabled but can use much screen space. We enabled visibility distance but it looks very odd when moving over the airport and suddenly lights go on or off. I did some profiling and the worst case I approached was arround 20 ms on the gpu for the deferred light pass for 170 lights in the viewport. Are there any other possibilitys in the engine to bake lights for open world environments which do
  2. Hello everyone, I'm working on projects like.... creation of virtual sets using Unigine Editor. But I'm looking for optimization methods to bring more FPS... Already studies "superposition benchmark" to get know how to optimize.... i got know that in S.positon's used LOD, OCCLUDER... but doesn't work in my project. Moreover, (In "superposition benchmark")It's having lot of probs and high resolution textures but getting excellent FPS but HOW?HOW?HOW?HOW?. I'm wondering to know that... Find attached snapshot of my small project..... with THIS TOP
  3. Hi, i have been trying to achieve the star like glows you see on lights at night time. I realise you can turn on the "cross" option for HDR, but this is not the correct effect as it then affects everything in the scene, not just the lights. Also this is very limited as it only has 8 points maximum - the glows around lights you see at night can seem to have many many lines radiating from them in the glow. here is an example linked below of what i am talking about in the car and street lamps in the image. I thought at first this might be able to be done with the emission map with an appro