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Found 17 results

  1. Random crashes

    Hi @demostenes, I've reproduced this. However, it wasn't that often as you mentioned, but quite stable. I also observed that you're running main_sdl.exe instead of regular main.exe. Is this on purpose? We'll investigate the reasons for the crash and will try to fix it in the next update. Thanks.
  2. Multi channel screen space effects and lighting

    Hi, we are planning to distribute our simulation to multiple computers, which screens are aligned so we can produce a panorma view of the scene with Unigine. Which post and screen space effects are we able to use? What values do we have to choose for static exposure to make the scene look more realistic? Is it better to change light source properties or exposure? We saw that exposure has a great impact on materials like clouds and the atmosphere. Are we able to use filmic camera effects? Do they look the same on different rendered parts of the scene? What r
  3. Disable Global Illumination

    We are creating an interior scene, the problem is that global lighting acts generating an unwanted effect. Is there any way to turn off global lighting, without the need to remove the sun? In the screenshots can be seen the change of lighting at different times of the day.
  4. the lighting of my own shader

    I created a C++ application in Unigine2.0. In this application, I drew a quad use a dynamicMesh. And then added a material to it.In this material I defined a ambient pass use my own vertex and fragmentshader(for add color on the quad). It can works right ,but when added a world light in the editor, I cound not see this quad.If I close this world light, it can be seen again. S0,how to make a C++ application with my own shader that can use Uninge's lighting, effects?
  5. [WONTFIX] lightmasks in 2.1 ?

    lightmasks in 2.1 not working? seems like they only disable the shadow , but not the actual lighting.
  6. Gloabl Lighting

    Hi, this is my picture and this one from TERA How do I adjust the lighting of the world, to get a similar image
  7. Fog, lights, and color

    So, we have a few dozen light posts that we'd like to show punching through the fog. To a degree we can get this effect and it may be acceptable. However, the bigger issue is that light always goes white when the fog is dense enough. So, for instance, say there is a festive red light shining brightly. Add some fog and the light turns white. Is there a technique or a shader I'm over looking that would cause the light to be red/reddish instead of reverting to white?
  8. I noticed a while ago that the billboard lighting changes more dramatically than it should when the camera rotates. Attached are some screenshots illustrating what I mean. The sun angle is almost straight overhead in these. The first screenshot is looking slightly down, and the billboards look ok. The second screenshot is looking straight out over the terrain and the billboards receive no lighting from the sun at all. The third screenshot is looking directly down at the ground, and the billboards receive full lighting. The difference between looking straight across the terrain versus looking d
  9. Lighting/shadows/materials

    Hello, I have a few different questions on lighting, shadows, and materials. 1. I have 3 dynamic object meshes in a scene with lighting. I've tried enabling shadows [using setReceiveShadow() and setCastShadow()], but shadows refuse to appear. Is there something else I need to implement in C++ for the shadows to work? Or do shadows not work with dynamic object meshes? I've tried using spot lights and world lights. 2. Are world lights essentially ambient light? 3. How can I set materials (on a dynamic object mesh) to emit light? I tried editing the "emission_color" parameter of the
  10. Enlighten anyone ever tried connecting enlighten with unigine? seems interesting.
  11. So I tried adding grass, and the result is less than spectacular. The problem is that the grass shading doesn't follow the terrain shading at all. There's very defined hills with totally flat shaded grass growing on them. This becomes a very ugly problem when looking at dark areas of terrain and the grass looks radioactive. Is there a way to fix this? I have receive shadow and receive world shadow both checked on my grass and terrain, for both the nodes and materials. Pretty much everything is set up like the "Adding grass" tutorial in the documentation.
  12. We would really like to see voxel cone traced lighting as a lighting option in Unigine. A single developer has been able to add it into Unity, so i assume its not a huge amount of work. Im sure a lot of people in the Unigine community would appreciated it.
  13. [SOLVED] Normals and lighting

    Hi, I have a model which is a flat surface (two triangles) with a simple grey diffuse texture. I clone the model four times and place them connected to each other. Everything looks perfect with any light condition, thank you guys. Then I turn one of the tile to 180 degrees. Because I did not change an angle of normals and my texture is a solid grey color, I would expect to see the same color for all tiles but this is what I've got Why does the surface change its color? Any idea? Steps to reproduce: 1. replace "data\library\worlds\materials\probes.cpp" by
  14. [SOLVED] Small number of lighting samples

    The lighting in my scene isn't right. There are squares all over the shadows in my render. How do i change that?
  15. Varying weather conditions

    Hi All, We are currently implementing sky and weather conditions and have a requirement to have user control over various parameters such as cloud level and whether it is a fine or stormy day, etc. The problem we have is that it is difficult to map a 'cloud level' or 'weather condition' (a scale from fine to storm for instance) parameter to the set of lighting varibales required to produce a sensible output. What is the recommend method to achieve varying weather conditions independent of time of day? My current approach is to set up a discrete number of keylines (in the same m
  16. Bar Lighting - best approach?

    I was wondering what is the best approach to modelling bar light sources that cast shadows? I have made a pretty naive attempt here in the picture using an elongated omni light below the centre of the fitting, but the shadows it creates does not acurately reflect that of a bar shaped light source (i.e. a bar light shines across its width and not just from a single point). Has anyone got an opinion on a good stratgey for doing this?