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Found 8 results

  1. Ambient / Shadows color

    Всем привет! Осваиваю движок, столкнулся с проблемой, что аж на форуме решил спросить :) Не могу понять, где настраивается цвет теней или ambient. После запекания Lighmaps сцена получается очень темная. Если выключить Cast Global Illumination, то посветлее, но качество освещения хуже.
  2. Hello, can you explain what this function should be doing, the documentation is not really precise on that :) https://developer.unigine.com/en/docs/2.11/api/library/lights/class.lightproj?rlang=cpp#setZNear_float_void Thanks
  3. Turning off shadow receiving

    Hi, is it possible to turn off shadow receiving for some objects? Thanks, Sebastian
  4. Orthographic light

    Hi, we have started a new project where we need to render +150000 lights at the same time. As this is imposible, we decided to bake lights in textures and then project them to terrain by using a light or a decal. For rendering textures we used an orthographic camera (which give us perfect textures) but LightProj fov minimum value is 1 (and has projection errors) and decal is affected by light, so it can't be seen at night. We need this textures to be rendered over terrain without global illumination (at night) but in orthographic projection as our render camera is. Is there any way to project a texture with an orthographic light or any way to make decals being not affected by lighting? Any other tips? Thanks in advance!
  5. Light Mask not working

    In My scene I have my main World with a world light and a bunch of world objects, and i have a secondary viewport in which i'm trying to light a single object with a single projection light. As long as I have the world light enabled no matter what I set my light mask/viewport mask to on my single object it gets lit by the main world light. I would expect that I could use the light mask to disable the world light from the object so i can light it with a separate light source. At first I thought this was the only problem, but then experimenting with it, I was never able to get the light mask to work on any types of lights or objects. I was able to turn off the projection light from casting on the world objects by using the viewport mask, but it appears that only works for some light sources, not the world light. Thanks, Dusty
  6. In Unigine 2.1 the Atmospheric scattering was refactored (and it looks awesome) But in our product, we have spherical planets. So we can't use the default atmospheric scattering. We have a custom implementation of this feature. However we would like to use an environment texture or at least a global ambient light to prevent shadows from being just plain black. In previous versions of Unigine we simply set <render_scattering>0</render_scattering> But now, with the new system, in order to deactivate the atmospheric scattering, we have to deactivate environment texture at the same time ! <render_environment>0</render_environment> On the long run, we will probably implement a custom global illumination. But for now I can't find a way to have a basic global illumination without the features of your new scattering that does not work for a spherical planet. Any idea on how we can achieve such a feature ?
  7. Fog, lights, and color

    So, we have a few dozen light posts that we'd like to show punching through the fog. To a degree we can get this effect and it may be acceptable. However, the bigger issue is that light always goes white when the fog is dense enough. So, for instance, say there is a festive red light shining brightly. Add some fog and the light turns white. Is there a technique or a shader I'm over looking that would cause the light to be red/reddish instead of reverting to white?
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