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  1. Добрый день. Возникло несколько вопросов, на которые я не нашёл ясного ответа. И для которых нет смысла создавать отдельные темы. На сайте указано, что слишком большое количество карт слоёв может снизить производительность. Хотелось бы более развёрнуто, что значит слишком? Влияет ли только количество или размер тоже (наверняка, но что и на что). Где узкое место в железе, чтобы понимать как распределять ресурсы (может что то дешевле реализовать масками, деталями). Например, как скажется на производительности 10 карт разрешением 16к*16к пикселей? Или 100 карт 100*100 пикселей.
  2. Резюмирую то, что освоил. Надеюсь новичкам поможет. Движок поддерживает 20 масок, в которые уже добавляются детали (1024 если не ошибаюсь). Хранилище масок поделено на 5 блоков. В каждый блок складывается четырёх канальная картинка RGBA, получаем 5 * 4 = 20 масок. Все маски нужно инициализировать во время генерации файла lmap, тогда же, когда добавляем данные альбедо и высот. Tо есть в метод: OnCreatorCreate(Unigine::LandscapeMapFileCreatorPtr creator, Unigine::LandscapeImagesPtr images, int x, int y) Для каждого блока инициализируется отдельный массив данных!
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to move a LandscapeLayerMap up or down along the z-Axis. This can't be done via LandscapeLayerMap::setWorldPosition() because of how the terrain system works as far as I understand. Changing the z-component of the LandscapeLayerMap in the editor has no effect. I achieved the desired effect in the editor using the import settings for the height map. Left: default import settings, base of terrain is located at z = 0; Right: "moving" LandscapeLayerMap to z = -5 Is this the correct way to do it? How can this be achieved via API? I tried
  4. Добрый день. Не могли бы вы уточнить, что передаётся параметрами (creator, images, x, y) в функцию, особенно интересуют последние инты. И насколько понимаю, в примере опечатка и должен передаваться указатель LandscapeImagesPtr на картинку. // callback function implementing certain actions to be performed on creating a landscape layer map file void CreateFile(LandscapeMapFileCreatorPtr creator, LandscapeImages images, int x, int, y) Зы: Плюсы учу параллельно с движком, поэтому вопросы могут быть совсем дилетантскими, с моей колокольни это пока не видно. С Уважением Констан
  5. Hello, I want to generate georeferenced terrain in my world. I'm following the steps described in video tutorial "Georeferenced Terrain - UNIGINE Editor 2 Essentials". However, I am not able to add terrain files. I select them in the Landscape editor by clicking on "Add new", then in "Add Source" I point to the files I want to upload. Next I click on OK button. In the effect nothing happens, there are no files that have been added to i.e. height, as shown in the video tutorial and the button "Generate" is not active. Steps i take: Create new project - Load world into edit
  6. Albedo doesn't apply to Landscape

    Albedo doesn't apply to Landscape. Landscape at Worl d shows the lods well. (Same as Landscape Tool) However, lod1-5 aren't created in Imagery's Output File. When generated more small play area, Albedo was properly applied.
  7. При запуске анимации через Tracker падает детализация ландшафта. Прикрепил видео. Что это может быть и что с этим делать? 2020-02-05 12-14-18.mp4
  8. Hello. I test "" from Art Samples demo. I have issue with height scale of terrain detail material and trace. When I increase height scale I get strange effect (like vertex intersections). How do i can avoid this?
  9. Всем привет, есть старый проект на Unigine 2.0 RC мне нужно перенести сцену на Unigine 2.8 Перенести модели я вроде понял как (правда теряются позиции объектов), а вот с Landscape проблема. Какие есть варианты решения моей проблемы? Есть ли возможность перенести сцену целиком? Есть ли возможность экспортировать Landscape?
  10. Random crashes

    Hi @demostenes, I've reproduced this. However, it wasn't that often as you mentioned, but quite stable. I also observed that you're running main_sdl.exe instead of regular main.exe. Is this on purpose? We'll investigate the reasons for the crash and will try to fix it in the next update. Thanks.
  11. Hello, I'm working to establish a pipeline between GlobalMapper and Unigine 2.7.1 for large scale geo-referenced landscape creation. For GlobalMapper export each data source utilizes Mercator / WGS84 / meters. To test, I am using three data sources: roads.shp, heightmap.tif, and roads_raster.tif. The latter two being Geotiffs that I use in height and albedo to debug. They share the same metadata and I can confirm that their placement relative to each other appears correct. Within GlobalMapper, the data sources line up accurately with the roads.shp across the entire sample area,
  12. Hi, I'm evaluating Unigine Engineering for generating large scale environments from GIS data. The landscape tool seems really powerful however I'm having trouble getting my satellite imagery to work. I've imported all the tiles of satellite imagery I have and they line up with the heightmap in the preview window - everything is GeoTiff. However when I generate my terrain, It seems like only the heightmap is being used. My terrain is all there but it's the default grey colour with none of my satellite imagery applied. Am I missing a step? Do I need to merge my satellite data i
  13. Hello, Whan landing an helicopter, I need to find out the type of terrain below the landing gears in order to simulate a slippery or a muddy contact. Is there any way to have access to the terrain layers information for a location? Is it possible to know if a location is within the modified array of a decal? Thank you.
  14. Discrepancy with generated Grass

    Hello, Here is a capture of a Grass object I'm using: (num textures = 4, density=0.5, texture is your grass_regular_d.tga, all other params left to default values, ) When I use this as a node for Landscape generated grass, the grass looks like this (2.7.1): (inside the generated grass, num textures is also 4, density is also 0.5) What's going on ? Also, the grass is noticeably floating above the ground, although the ground is really flat.
  15. Terrain bugs

    Hello, My terrain exibits these very strange peaks in random parts (the peaks changes sphape when I move around) What can cause this? (I use DT2 and one DT3 for the terrain elevation)
  16. [SOLVED] Geodetic pivot is missing

    Hello, The geodetic pivot is not created if the landscape is created as Flat, even though it's set up as a georeferenced terrain (2.7.1) I must tick "Curved" for it to be generated.
  17. Landscape grass and trees process

    Hello, I'm trying to wrap my head around an actually efficient process to generate a large set of *various* trees and grass, in a very large terrain. Correct me if I'm wrong, but according to the doc, the process looks like: add a single tree of a single type in the scene create an impostor from it create an ObjectClutter from the tree *mesh* reassigns materials and readjust LOD distance for the clutter (so I'm actually redoing the work that was made when creating the tree *node*) create an ObjectGrass matching the ObjectClutter, manually inherit material, as
  18. Hello, Currently, after generating a landscape with vegetation, I must manually create the impostors for the trees, and then attach them in the scene. Could this be automated somewhat? Thank you
  19. Landscape partial generation

    Hello, I have a very large landscape, generated from a lot of small files (DTED, shapefiles, rasters, etc). After adding a new file, I must regenerate all my terrain to check if everything is correct and performances. But the generation can be quite long. I know I can change the game area to something smaller, but then I can't check performances, and this overwritte all previously generated tiles. A great addition would be the ability to draw an "update array", distinct from the game area, that would be generated. Any tile touching/inside it would then be updated. This would speed up
  20. [SOLVED] Landcover and clutter issue

    Hello, When creating a landcover vegetation, there is a strong mismatch with a tagged landcover. Worse, some generated clutter are empty. On the hereafter screencap, worldclutters were generated for the dark green area. WorldClutter_1 is on the left of the vertical line, and WorldClutter_3 is on the right. Only the _3 is filled. Attached is the test_project (I removed the core and bin folder for size consideration). Thanks for your help. test_project.7z
  21. Landcover and Vegetation mismatch

    Hello, I'm using a landcover raster in my landscape, and I add vegetation on top of it. The landcover tag is created with a 0 threshold. A terrain detail layer is added on the same tag, shown hereafter with a red overlay. And vegetation is created with an ObjectGrass node. The problem here is I don't understand why the vegetation and the detail layer never match, whatever settings I put in the Mask of the detail layer: As you can see, there is grass in A but no grass in B. I would have expected the grass area outline to roughly match the red area (at least for a certain combina
  22. [SOLVED] Landscape mask issue

    bug_landscape_mask.mp4Hello, I'm creating a Landscape with a Mask with the Landscape Tool. I added an elevation file (DT2), an imagery file (ECW), and a landcover file (geotiff). On the landcover I added a tag ("forest") matching a specific color, with 0 threshold. I then generated the terrain, and the landscape is correctly displayed in the Editor. Then, in the Editor, I select the Landscape "Terrain Global" tab, scroll to the Mask section, and select the "forest" tag. All forest are correctly highlighted in the Editor (image 0.png). But as soon as I slightly move (the camera,
  23. Hi, Unitine We use landscape tool to generate an ObjectGlobalTerrain with images in Beijing 54 Coordinate System(Beijing 1954 3 Degree GK CM 108E), as shown in the following figure. Then we export an model generated with CityEngine inside Unigine. We export the model with EPSG projection:2433 /Beijing 1954. But the model doesn't match the right position in the terrain, as Show in the following figure. We wonder know is there any solution for this problem, because we are developing a software for people to find the longitude and latitude of models. Thanks!
  24. Dear all, We want to use Unigine landscape function generates the whole planet, now there are a few problems need to consult: 1.Different parts of the import data, fusion of overlap area is not very good, is there a way to solve? 2.Can this way is workable?Can this way piece together the world? If we want to generates the whole planet, do you have any better solution? Thanks for you replay!
  25. Hi, I've extracted the question from this topic. We are facing similar problems as renato importing data from CityEngine (fbx file) with the terrain generated with the new Landscape tool. This terrain is more or less 10Kmx10Km and looks like there is some scale and rotation offsets between the terrain and the models (in this case buildings). We are creating all our content with UTM projection and datum WGS84. We can work with old Landscape tool at the moment, but we worried when we have to migrate to new Unigine version and the new Landscape tool. Are you preparing some documentation about