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Found 3 results

  1. French keyboard issues

    Hello, I'm using the latest Unigine with a French keyboard (everything is fine if I switch to a US keyboard). 1/ With the French keyboard, in Windows/Settings/Editor/Hotkeys/Navigation, I try to change the Camera speed to the french keys &, é, " (the three keys above the AZE of the AZERTY keyboard). While they behave correctly, they are displayed incorrectly in the settings window. 2/ Create a WorldExpression, go the the WorldExpression/Source parameter. Now, as my physical keyboard is French, the { character is usually made by pressing AltGr+4. It DOES work if my keyboard is set to FR. But if I set it to US and forget it, and then press AltGr+4, then Unigine crashes. (I know in the US keyboard the { symbol is not made by AltGr+4, but ouf ouf habit I pressed it...)
  2. On Screen keyboard

    Hi all, I want to create a screen keyboard for desktop touch devices. Because I want it to be multiplatform (Win, Linux and OSX) and skinable my first intention it's to make it completely in UnigineScript. The idea is, every time a key sprite is pressed, inject the corrensponding key event. the problem is engine.app.setKeyState doesn't accept other keys but APP_KEY_*. There is any other way to inject key events to the application? Thanks in advance.
  3. [SOLVED] Keyboard callback ignored.

    Hello! We have a question about keyboard callbacks. When some key was pressed and released during we hold pressed some other key - callback for the held key is ignored. In fact, callback for that key begins skipped after we press another one, that's OK, but it's keep skipped when we already release interrupting key. How can we fix that? Thanks in advance!
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