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Found 7 results

  1. I looked at docs and couldn't find what I need. UE4's PhysX, in addition to raycasts, have sweep and overlap queries. Moreover, overlap query can return list of overlapped vertices, which allow to construct intersection mesh. Is there anything like this in UNIGINE? I would like to do overlap test of mesh with GlobalWater, and calulate volume of intersection.
  2. hello, after upgrading the project to version 2.13 along with terrain and data, the getHatHot call from IG plugin returns incorrect data. It constantly returns same values 0.0 for HAT and HOT and -1 for surface id . Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi, I want to change the IntersectionMask of a Node true c# code. I found how to change the PhysicsIntersectionMask. drop_item.ObjectBody.GetShape(0).PhysicsIntersectionMask = 2; The object i want to manipulate is a Cylinder BodyRigid created in the Editor. Thanks
  4. I am testing using the sample source Oblique Frustum. The Box node is moving based on mouse coordinates. WorldIntersectionPtr intersection = WorldIntersection::create(); ObjectPtr obj = World::get()->getIntersection(pStartPoint, pEndPoint, 1, exceptUNode, intersection); I want to include hidden nodes in exceptUNode. Question Can you detect hidden nodes with Oblique Frustum?? 006.bmp 007.bmp 008.bmp 009.bmp 010.bmp
  5. Hello, Whan landing an helicopter, I need to find out the type of terrain below the landing gears in order to simulate a slippery or a muddy contact. Is there any way to have access to the terrain layers information for a location? Is it possible to know if a location is within the modified array of a decal? Thank you.
  6. About

    I want to detect trees in the scene。 However the tree type is ObjectMeshClutter, how can detect them? when I use this code to detect. int result =,ttP1,ret); //int result =,-1,ret); if(result != 0) { if( ret.size()!= 0) { log.message("------------------------------------------------------------------------%d\n",ret.size()); int exclude[0]; exclude.clear(); Node nearest = NULL; forloop(int i = 0; ret.size()) { Node n = node_cast(ret[i]);
  7. Hey Unigine Team, I wanted to ask you, if its would be possible to provide an "AND" operation for the getIntersection functionality? So you can provide the mask like "1010010" and this mask need to match completely to the triggered element/mesh/node (at the moment its an "XOR" don't?) - this could be passed via an parameter at all, like the "exluded nodes"-array. With that you could provide much more complexer logics in game. Thanks & Greetings Lars