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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. I’m trying to integrate Unigine in my QML application and found some problems with it. I don`t understand how to add more than one Unigine Item in QML, although I have a close look at QT integration examples from UNIGINE SDK. The solution should be like in Viewport Qt from your samples in terms of several Unigine frames. Is it possible to implement this? If yes, how can I achieve this, if not, what would you suggest? I`m using your QML sample as a base for UNIGINE-QML integration. Examples of QML pseudocode how I would like to use Unigine in my application: 1
  2. Hi everyone, I'm having quite a problem with the integration of Noesis Gui, a UI framework. Here is how it works in a DirectX11 application (it's very similar in OpenGL): Initialize the NoesisGui object and update it each frame (no problem with that) At render time:Set the RenderTargetView Pass a draw call to the NoesisGui object The NoesisGui framework will then render on top of the RenderTargetView, which can be the backbuffer (for HUD elements) or another texture. It is especially usefull to draw UI in 3D scene (in a Unigine::ObjectGui fashion): the texture can be used as ShaderResou
  3. Roadmap for the UI

    I'm curious as to what the longterm roadmap looks like for the GUI system in Unigine. With the advent of some competitors (Unity) integrating a UI editor directly into the engine, it raises questions about the feasibility of doing the something similar with Unigine. Especially since dropping support for Qt but retaining the UI file format. Is this something that's been discussed internally?
  4. [SOLVED] Loading image from memory/string

    Hi all, My intent is to integrate Unigine engine into existing multimedia framework. I hope this is the right place for this question. To make proof of concept application I need to find a way to load image/texture into engine. There is a Image class mentioned in script reference and in C++ API reference. I am guessing that Image object needs to be initialized with pixel data somehow. Only exposed methods are: int load(const char * name) int load(const char * name, int offset) The question is how to create image from pixel-data produced from external c++ code ? Is th