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Found 4 results

  1. Instanced Animation

    Is it possible to do animation with instancing with Unigine? Saying "animation with instancing" I mean something like this
  2. Instancing nodes problem

    Hello! We use Unigine 2.7 Problem with instancing. We make some node instances. Then we edit node parameters (change material or rotate objects) inside instance and apply changes. But other instances not react and change their states after restart editor only. We make everything exactly like in this tutorial: . Try it in clean default projects and several PC's. What we do wrong? Thanks.
  3. [SOLVED] Instancing stress test

    So I compiled a stress test of Unigine's instancing/rendering capabilities, and my results are pretty strange. I'm hoping someone can explain why I'm getting these numbers. All tests are performed in a new scene, with only the profiler and toolbar visible. The object I'm using has 452 triangles and the default mesh-base material with one diffuse texture. All post-processing effects are off. Machine specs: Intel i7 CPU, 2.8 GHz Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 8 GB RAM 1920x1080 resolution 1. Everything disabled, blank screen FPS: 700 Draw Calls: 2 Shaders: 3 Triang
  4. [SOLVED] Instancing skinned meshes

    Dear Unigine community, I have been given access to the Unigine Developer Community as an evaluator. Thanks a ton. I am eagerly browsing through lots of interesting, at times bewildering stuff. A bit about the indie game I am working on. It is a wargame set in 18th century Europe. The easiest way to describe it is to say that I am aiming for a Rome Total War clone. Don't know if I could make it, but hey, if I didn't try, I'll never know, right? My soldier characters have 4 LOD levels. *LOD 0 : Highest level of detail, 1000 polygons, skinned, animated, mesh. 1024x1024 di