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  1. Lots of questions...

    Okay - so I know not exactly a good topic name... So thanks to the subscription for the entertainment version can play some more with the engine... However, ran into some major (for my project) issues that either I overlooked or cannot find in the documentation. Okay - so basic info for what I am making at this moment: galaxy... 1) so I need to be able to render potentially hundred of thousands of stars (scale is not important at the moment) - 1.1) while I have used - its been slow: Billboards & ObjectMeshClusterPtr 1.2) If not these, then maybe a dynamic mesh to represent the galaxy - however will need to make a dynamic texture (material) to make it look correct 2) In the future, will need to "zoom-in"/click on stars - I have it working with ObjectMeshClusterPtr, not the rest... 3) Future points that I will be working on that if I can get hints/notes - i.e. can/cannot do... 3.1) runtime (realtime) terrain generation - using this library http://libnoise.sourceforge.net/ 3.2) runtime (realtime) texture/material generation for previously listed item. 4.1) multiple textures - for stars - would like to put a "sun" texture on the surface and have it change color and appear to emit light - I am guessing that I will need to write my own shader for this? 5.1) What about merging multiple meshes into one? - Example: Say I have a tree with 4 meshes - the wood core, the bark, the branches and the leaves... Merge all 4 into 1 mesh (yes I could do this in the modeling software) then say in the fall "select" the leaves to change colors and fall? <- could be done with animations and particle systems. Sorry if my question is a little scatterbrained/not coherent... Mark
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