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Found 5 results

  1. Hide Mouse Cursor

    Hi, I’m looking to control when the cursor graphic is displayed on screen so I can toggle between showing mouse cursor for UI interaction and hiding the mouse cursor for controlling the player camera via custom controls. Currently I and using the define MOUSE_USER and have the two functions below in an input manger class to enable mouse control which should hide the mouse cursor but still allow getting mouse delta x and y values for custom control handling while the cursor is hidden and disable mouse which should show the cursor disabling my custom input and allow the user to interac
  2. GamePad / Input System

    Hi, I’ve setup a project to use the Xbox controller for player controls. I’ve done this using the ControlsXPad360 class to get the controller input and the set the control states for the player based on the game pad input like so: int leftThumbstickX = (int)gamepad.getLeftX(); if (gamepad.getLeftX() > 0.25) leftThumbstickX = 1; else if (gamepad.getLeftX() < -0.25) leftThumbstickX = -1; else leftThumbstickX = 0; if (App.get().getKeyState(ControlsApp.get().getStateKey(Controls.STATE_MOVE_RIGHT)) == 0 && leftThumbstickX >= 0.1f) { controlsRef.setState(Controls
  3. Hi, I am trying to use the Unigine input system (with SDK 2.0-beta2). I managed to display the Unigine::Input::ControlSetupWindow in my project and save keyboard and mouse inputs in the XML control file I created. My problem is, I failed saving joystick inputs. I have an XBox 360 gamepad which is correctly recognized : I made a debug widget which displays the status of the pad to make sure of that. I have been diging in the scripts\input folder to try to understand the problem : I saw that the inputs of the pad are correctly registered in the device manager, but it seems their status
  4. Console input issue

    After running unigine-based application on ubuntu 11.10 via optirun (maybe this tool for switching video adapters is the reason!), gnome terminal showing no input. Actually input is working properly, but it becomes invisible. When i run other applications via optirun from linux console after it closes input works well.
  5. In the docs, the camera referred to as third-person. How do we spawn/initialize FPS cam in Unigine and control it? How do we set collisions for it and a make it sway as in typical FPS game? Thank you. EDIT: << I need to achieve #3. This way I have shadows cast by the player's model, I see player in the reflection, for I only see vweap model (arms and guns) in the view. That's how pretty much most FPS games work.