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Found 6 results

  1. hello, after upgrading the project to version 2.13 along with terrain and data, the getHatHot call from IG plugin returns incorrect data. It constantly returns same values 0.0 for HAT and HOT and -1 for surface id . Thanks for your help.
  2. Cigi & Component behavior

    Hello, I observe a different behavior of a IG Component depending on whether the component is solo or not in an entity. Let me explain: Here is an excerpt from my ig_config.xml: <entity id="160" name="h160"> <path>entities/h160/h160.node</path> <component id="34" name="rotor"> <property>rotor</property> <parameter name="data1">rpm</parameter> </component> <component id="35" name="rotorwash"> <property>rotorwash</property> <parameter name="data1">wind_percent</parameter> <parameter name="data2">sand_percent</parameter> </component> </entity> <entity id="260" name="rotorwash"> <path>entities/rotorwash/rotorwash.node</path> <component id="35" name="rotorwash"> <property>rotorwash</property> <parameter name="data1">wind_percent</parameter> <parameter name="data2">sand_percent</parameter> </component> </entity> As you can see, the "rotorwash" component is solo for the entity #260 but not in the #160. What I observe at runtime (with Log::message) is that I can drive the wind_percent & sand_percent of the rotorwash through Cigi component control of entity #260, but not of #160. (attached rotorwash component source, if it matters). What am I doing wrong? source.zip
  3. New IG mode woes

    Hello, The new IG "mode" looks promising, but it brings along a few questions. At this point, I think we definitely need a comprehensive and as complete as possible list of the effect of each CIGI message on the IG, and whether it is supported or not (if such a list exists, sorry I couldn't find it) For example, I couldn't find a way to control the cloud coverage (Cigi coverage only seems to control the ambiant luminosity) The cloud layer is created dynamicaly by the IG. Can we create one "in the world" to tune some parameters, or what would be the way of doing it? Environmental Region Control packet crashes Unigine. If rain/snow is supported, how do you set it up? what would be the limitation? stratocumulus and stratus seems to be somewhat supported. what about the others? Can we define local "storm clouds" through cigi message? as the CIGI plugin is deprecated, how do you work with custom messages, or user calbacks, with the new IG mode? I suppose we can build our own connectors, but how ? (can't find the doc on that). Typically I'd like to add a DIS connector. Previously, entities node had to be rotated so their X axis would be front and Z down (as the CIGI entity reference frame). This is no longer the case and I think the new way is better ! Good ! But it's not listed in the documentation. Some people may have to reorient their nodes. LOS responses seem incorrect (wrong ID, valid not updated, range not filled) Can you confirm? HAT/HOT seem broken too, responding always 0 (tested with Hemu and our own host too). Thanks for your help
  4. Hi, We are focus on Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI). We download host emulator from Internet, and could run Unigine's CigiClient demo to connect to host emulator. But when I read Chapter "CIGICLIENT PLUGIN" in Unigine manual, I can't find where to download "Washington Demo". Could you tell me where to download it? Thank you!
  5. [SOLVED] Setting title of window

    Normally title of window is "Unigine Engine..." But after my game starts it is removed and there is no title. Can i set window title manually from code or config? There must be a control because it changes after game starts. SOLVED: In .game file there is a <windowtitle> field. Title can be changed from there.
  6. Hi, If I run my script with default unigine IG (main_x64.exe), I get 50 fps. If I run same script with my own IG, I get 26 fps. Everyting are same. Only IG's are different. My own IG's code: #include <Unigine.h> #include <UnigineConsole.h> #include <iostream> int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { Unigine::Engine *engine = Unigine::Engine::init(UNIGINE_VERSION, argc, argv); while (engine->isDone() == 0) { engine->update(); engine->render(); engine->swap(); } Unigine::Engine::shutdown(); return 0; } Debug values for 50 fps are: "C:/Users/muzaffer/Desktop/muzaffer/Unigine/bin/main_x64.exe" -video_app direct3d9 -video_fullscreen 0 -video_mode 6 -video_multisample 0 -data_path "../" -system_script "DHMI/unigine.cpp" -engine_config "../data/DHMI/unigine.cfg" -engine_log "../DHMI_log.htm" -editor_plugin framework/plugin/game_framework_plugin.cpp -sound_app "auto" -console_command "render_anisotropy 1 && world_load DHMI/DHMI" -extern_define ",LANGUAGE_EN,QUALITY_MEDIUM,EDITOR" -extern_plugin ",Interface" For 26 fps: start IG_x64d.exe -data_path "./" -video_app direct3d11 -video_fullscreen 0 -video_mode -1 -video_height 1050 -video_width 1680 -sound_app auto -system_script "./data/framework/game/game_system_script.cpp" -engine_config "./data/DHMI/unigine.cfg" -engine_log "./DHMI_log.htm" -extern_define "QUALITY_HIGH" -extern_plugin "Interface,IvecoPlugin" -extern_define "DEBUG" -console_command "render_anisotropy 0 && editor_quit" -game "./data/DHMI/DHMI.game" -game_level "autodrom" I have tried Medium quality, low quality etc. I think problem is about my own IG, but I cant find.
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