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Found 2 results

  1. Hi again! I'm continuing to work on an understanding of the Unigine LandscapeTool and find how we can best utilize new features for our projects. I'd like to be able to source custom normal maps from WorldMachine for my geo-referenced landscape, however there doesn't seem to be an option for it within the tool. I did notice, under Height(elevation) parameters, there is an adjustment tool for Normal Lods. Should I simply be using a higher density elevation source to get the normals I want, or is there another way to go about adding custom normals? Thank you!
  2. GeodeticPivot: mapGeodeticToFlat wrong pos.z

    Hi I created big GlobalTerrain by LandscapeTool: And used only Imagery input raster data using GeodeticPivot::mapGeodeticToFlat(Vec3(59.70366, 30.37401, 0.0)) i have got (-13345.158286 -9610.064772 0.000291) but actually (visually, this position must be on terrain with z = 7) And for any geo point GeodeticPivot::mapGeodeticToFlat returns z ~= 0. but GlobalTerrain has height +-1000(z) on corners How properly use GeodeticPivot? how to get correct 3D position on Global Terrain by geo coordinates?
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