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Found 3 results

  1. Basic example UI component

    Hi, I have been working on C# component for UI. Just finished translating the Unigine::Widgets::Window example from Uniginescript to C# in the OpenGameMenu() function. So I thought to share my result and thought. The widget system has some good things to it and I easily see it becoming a great system. - I can’t wait to see wat I’m able to do with the floating UI’s (next step) That being said it needs some TLC. - More C# examples (in the documentation) and some corrections in the docs. - Alignment and overlapping could use a upgrade. - A actual component set or UI designer So here you are able to find my component GameUI.csv0.1 to get started quickly. Features - @ developers comments - It is able to add, remap default key and mouse bindings. - It handles the mouse state. - Able to close the app. - And gives an example of a lot of widgets, resizing, Widget Calllbacks. Known issues. - Not able to add checkbox to menubox PS: I’m a beginner so don’t take everything to seriously. And coding advise is welcome
  2. Hi the Unigine Community, Amazing app, I am pretty amazed of all the possibilities you offer ! I tried to look for a similar subject on this forum but couldn't find anything related I have this game in mind for ages about a medieval time and when I saw your video of "Heaven Benchmark" I found it was so close that I wander if it is possible to start from this architecture... and change things from the already made off scenary ? Youtube - Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 (originally released in 2009) Thanks for creating the world of tomorrow, Hibonaparte from France
  3. [SOLVED] Simple XML example

    Hello, I`m currently struggling to create an actual working prototype of a working XML parser due to a lack of examples in documentation. Can anybody provide a few lines of code just to parse a simple XML file with the file itself, please?
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