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Found 10 results

  1. App Oculus failed to intialize

    Hi, I'm currently evaluating Unigine and wanted to try out some of the Demos with an Oculus rift, however whenever I enable VR in the SDK Browser options and run a VR Ready demo, I get this error: ---- Plugins ---- Loading "AppOculus_double_x64.dll"... Unable to locate symbol: ovr_SetSynchronizationQueueVk Previous soft errors: Xml::load(): can't open "" file Config::load(): can't open "F:/Unigine SDK Browser/demos/oil_refinery_demo_2.7.1/data/unigine.cfg" file Unigine fatal error: AppOculus::AppOculus(): ovr_Initialize(): failed I updated my drivers before attempting t
  2. Editor crash issue

    Hi! Unigine editor crash when loading the world. The message is shown below. Assertion failed: num >= 0 && num < states.size() && "Material::check_state_conditions(): bad state number", file engine\render\Material.cpp, line 3223 Thanks!
  3. Hi, We are experimeting some problems with sdk browser related with license checks. We have moved to offline, but I want to know if the problem is in our side or anyone else has experimented the same. Regards.
  4. I get an error when trying to import a .mesh file into 3ds Max 2015. The first time I ran the plugin, it worked fine, then I restarted max and now I get this error: "--Type error: Call needs function or class, got: undefined". I reinstalled the plugin from the latest tools download, but no change. In Max 2014 when I try to import a .mesh file it just crashes Max entirely. Any suggestions?
  5. [SOLVED] OpenGL error

    Помогите, пожалуйста! Красила террейн в Editor terrain, а юниджайн упал. Всё конечно как-то сохранилось, и вроде выглядит нормально, но при загрузке мира появилась ошибка "OpenGL error: invalid value" . Причём если зайти сначала в другой мир, а потом в проблемный, ошибка исчезает. Что могло произойти и как это починить??
  6. Hi, We are trying to build some of the samples (Callbacks, Classes, Arrays) under the source folder but always receive a: Unigine fatal error Unigine::Engine::init() bad version 0x00004009 0x10004009 We are using the latest evaluation SDK - "Sim Evaluation Kit Windows (exe) 2013-12-28" with VS 2010 C++ Express, VS 2012 Pro and Win SDK 7.1 installed on Windows 7, x64 edition. We have tried to compile and run the sample codes using VS2010/13, both x86 and x64 build throw out the same error. We have tried to use the command prompt to perform the build by <path_to_unigine_roo
  7. A bug with the order of events on the stack for GUI ... Gui gui = engine.getGui(); WidgetButton btn1 = new WidgetButton(gui, "Button 1"); btn1.setCallback( GUI_ENTER, "onEnter", 1 ); btn1.setCallback( GUI_LEAVE, "onLeave", 1 ); gui.addChild(btn1); WidgetButton btn2 = new WidgetButton(gui, "Button 2"); btn2.setCallback( GUI_ENTER, "onEnter", 2 ); btn2.setCallback( GUI_LEAVE, "onLeave", 2 ); gui.addChild(btn2); ... void onEnter( int id ) { log.message("onEnter( 'Button %d' )\n", id); } void onLeave( int id ) { log.message("onLeave( 'Button %d' )\n", id); } Please see the result in the a
  8. I can't get any data from the joystick. The following error pops up in the log file when I try to call updateEvents() on a joystick: ControlsJoystick::updateEvents(): Acquire(): failed What does the error mean exactly?
  9. Here you will find a few simple tips on how to make your bug report better. The more full information you provide, the faster we find the issue and fix it! How to report a bug 1. Search the forum for the issue you encountered. If there is a topic with the same bug and you can add any helpful details (for example, as to environment in which it occurs or hardware configuration), post a message in it. If there are no topics on our forum that mention the issue you've encountered, create a new topic. 2. Always report one problem in each topic. This way, it's easier to keep trac
  10. Compiler errors in IRC client

    UnigineSDK-source-2012-02-26/source/plugins/Network/source/irc_client/IRCClient.cpp from line 285 to 336 printf("%s",message.toString()); needs to change to: printf("%s",message.toString().c_str()); Hope you already fix it!=) You should update our sources btw =)