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Found 10 results

  1. App Oculus failed to intialize

    Hi, I'm currently evaluating Unigine and wanted to try out some of the Demos with an Oculus rift, however whenever I enable VR in the SDK Browser options and run a VR Ready demo, I get this error: ---- Plugins ---- Loading "AppOculus_double_x64.dll"... Unable to locate symbol: ovr_SetSynchronizationQueueVk Previous soft errors: Xml::load(): can't open "" file Config::load(): can't open "F:/Unigine SDK Browser/demos/oil_refinery_demo_2.7.1/data/unigine.cfg" file Unigine fatal error: AppOculus::AppOculus(): ovr_Initialize(): failed I updated my drivers before attempting to run any of the demos, I also have version 2.7 of Unigine installed. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks
  2. Editor crash issue

    Hi! Unigine editor crash when loading the world. The message is shown below. Assertion failed: num >= 0 && num < states.size() && "Material::check_state_conditions(): bad state number", file engine\render\Material.cpp, line 3223 Thanks!
  3. Hi, We are experimeting some problems with sdk browser related with license checks. We have moved to offline, but I want to know if the problem is in our side or anyone else has experimented the same. Regards.
  4. I get an error when trying to import a .mesh file into 3ds Max 2015. The first time I ran the plugin, it worked fine, then I restarted max and now I get this error: "--Type error: Call needs function or class, got: undefined". I reinstalled the plugin from the latest tools download, but no change. In Max 2014 when I try to import a .mesh file it just crashes Max entirely. Any suggestions?
  5. [SOLVED] OpenGL error

    Помогите, пожалуйста! Красила террейн в Editor terrain, а юниджайн упал. Всё конечно как-то сохранилось, и вроде выглядит нормально, но при загрузке мира появилась ошибка "OpenGL error: invalid value" . Причём если зайти сначала в другой мир, а потом в проблемный, ошибка исчезает. Что могло произойти и как это починить??
  6. Hi, We are trying to build some of the samples (Callbacks, Classes, Arrays) under the source folder but always receive a: Unigine fatal error Unigine::Engine::init() bad version 0x00004009 0x10004009 We are using the latest evaluation SDK - "Sim Evaluation Kit Windows (exe) 2013-12-28" with VS 2010 C++ Express, VS 2012 Pro and Win SDK 7.1 installed on Windows 7, x64 edition. We have tried to compile and run the sample codes using VS2010/13, both x86 and x64 build throw out the same error. We have tried to use the command prompt to perform the build by <path_to_unigine_root>\externs\setenv.bat x86 <path_to_unigine_root>\externs\bin\make_x86.bat -f Makefile.win32 (same for x64) Both resulting .exe files throws the same error. Creating other Win32-based projects in VS2010/12 do not have this issue. The Unigine benchmark, tools and other binaries are running fine. We need to complete an integration with Unigine and external C++ code (callbacks, .dll, or in order to complete our technical evaluation of Unigine. Hopefully someone could assist in this so we can move on to the actual integration work... :) Thank you very much!! --- The exception details from MS Windows Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: Arrays.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 52ce424e Fault Module Name: MSVCR100.dll Fault Module Version: 10.0.40219.325 Fault Module Timestamp: 4df2bcac Exception Code: 40000015 Exception Offset: 00000000000761c9 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: a23e Additional Information 2: a23e5d4b0da6ae250a483352ee5555b3 Additional Information 3: 5f43 Additional Information 4: 5f43f9219a36d8aed1c02be64a09fa23 ENV variables: partial %PATH% = G:\UnigineSim\bin;G:\UnigineSim\bin\x64;G:\UnigineSim\lib;G:\UnigineSim\externs\bin; %WINSDK71_DIR%=C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1 Python 2.7.6 32-bit, pywin32 and scons have also been installed (issues with using the x64 bit python and scons).
  7. A bug with the order of events on the stack for GUI ... Gui gui = engine.getGui(); WidgetButton btn1 = new WidgetButton(gui, "Button 1"); btn1.setCallback( GUI_ENTER, "onEnter", 1 ); btn1.setCallback( GUI_LEAVE, "onLeave", 1 ); gui.addChild(btn1); WidgetButton btn2 = new WidgetButton(gui, "Button 2"); btn2.setCallback( GUI_ENTER, "onEnter", 2 ); btn2.setCallback( GUI_LEAVE, "onLeave", 2 ); gui.addChild(btn2); ... void onEnter( int id ) { log.message("onEnter( 'Button %d' )\n", id); } void onLeave( int id ) { log.message("onLeave( 'Button %d' )\n", id); } Please see the result in the attached picture. OrderEvent.rar
  8. I can't get any data from the joystick. The following error pops up in the log file when I try to call updateEvents() on a joystick: ControlsJoystick::updateEvents(): Acquire(): failed What does the error mean exactly?
  9. Here you will find a few simple tips on how to make your bug report better. The more full information you provide, the faster we find the issue and fix it! How to report a bug 1. Search the forum for the issue you encountered. If there is a topic with the same bug and you can add any helpful details (for example, as to environment in which it occurs or hardware configuration), post a message in it. If there are no topics on our forum that mention the issue you've encountered, create a new topic. 2. Always report one problem in each topic. This way, it's easier to keep track of the bugs and make sure none are left unanswered. Minimal description Minimal issue description should contain Reproduction steps. What you expected or needed to happen What you did in detailed step-by-step guide (see the example below) Or alternatively a video or set of screenshots that will show the whole steps required to reproduce this behavior What happened For example: Additional info If it is needed for explanation - you can add to your post following items: A video or screenshots that shows all the necessary steps A log file (log.html). A call stack (in case of crashes) A minimal test scene for reproduction. But if you are 100% sure it's enough, you can simply share resources in question or at the very least, attach a screenshot (with a mark drawn to point out the problem). See details on each of these points below. Log file A log.html file created on each launch of your application and stored in the project directory and older log files are being renamed to log_1.html, log_2.html and so on. Up to 4 log files can exists simultaneously. Log file by default located in: <Your_Project_Dir>/bin/log_*.html To get maximum out of the log file, here is a couple of hints: Run debug builds (unless issue is only can be reproduced in release). In this case log file will contain detailed error messages (only valid for UnigineScript-based applications). Attach multiple log files to your message (since they may contain various error messages from time to time). Remember that Editor also writes all the error messages in the log file, so it may be useful. Call Stack Sometimes you may observe an engine crashes. If you 100% sure that your code is valid and the engine itself is working incorrectly we may ask for additional information. A call stack allows to view the function or procedure calls that led to a crash. You can provide it: In a text format (preferable) As a screenshot of call stack window. Windows Run your application with debug engine (<your_app_name_x64d.exe) In Visual Studio go to Debug -> Attach to Process (Ctrl + Alt + P) Select your application in Available processes list and hit Attach Crash your application Copy the callstack contents and attach it to your report Linux Please ensure you have packages with debug symbols installed. Make sure the GNU Debugger is installed (all terminal commands are for debian-like systems): sudo apt-get install gdb Start the debug version of engine under control of gdb: gdb <main_x64d> 2>&1 | tee ~/gdb-<program>.txt (gdb) handle SIG33 pass nostop noprint (gdb) set pagination 0 (gdb) run <arguments, if any> If the engine must run as root, use sudo gdb instead of just gdb above. The program will start. Perform any actions necessary to reproduce the crash. If the program hangs but doesn't crash you can press CTRL+C in gdb while the program is frozen and then continue with the next step. Retrieve a backtrace: (gdb) backtrace full (gdb) info registers (gdb) x/16i $pc (gdb) thread apply all backtrace (gdb) quit Attach the complete output from GDB, contained in gdb-<program>.txt to your bug report. You will find the file in your home directory /home/<username>. Minimal test scene A minimal test scene is a project stripped down to essentials that cause a bug. There is no need to send us bin directory, just data and source. Sometimes it's easier to create a new project and modify it slightly to get the minimal reproduction scene on default content. For large and NDA test scenes you can use our secure FTP server to upload the files: ftp://files.unigine.com user: upload password: 6xYkd6vLYWjpW6SN
  10. Compiler errors in IRC client

    UnigineSDK-source-2012-02-26/source/plugins/Network/source/irc_client/IRCClient.cpp from line 285 to 336 printf("%s",message.toString()); needs to change to: printf("%s",message.toString().c_str()); Hope you already fix it!=) You should update our sources btw =)
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