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  1. Hello, Quite often, I use in the Editor the Helper "Show Selected Node Info", eg. when tuning LOD distances or when evaluating a mesh density. But the text is centered on the bounding box of the object, and can block the view of quite a large part of the object sometimes. As the node info is only visible when only one node is selected, I would suggest you display it instead in the lower left corner, so it will not prevent viewing the mesh (or at least maybe make it an option). Thanks!
  2. Custom objects and editor

    There is example how to create your own Object and add it to world in C++. But is it possible to use custom objects within editor (like in UE4)?
  3. Всем добрый день! Ищу разработчика C++ 3D на задачу разработки физической модели и редактора 3D для движка Unigine. Длительность проекта - 2,5 месяца с перспективой продолжения сотрудничества. Что делать - ТЗ в аттаче. Уровень финансов - вполне на уровне. Финансы и другие детали обговорим, если с вашей стороны будет интерес к продолжению разговора Если невозможно будет выполнить обе подзадачи (физическая модель и 3D редактор) одним программистом в обозначенные сроки - разделим на двоих программистов ТЗ на воксели.pdf
  4. The editor would look more easy on the eyes if the title bar and menu bar were one. How hard is this to implement?
  5. I am having trouble with the fields in my C# component not showing up in the Node Properties section of the Parameters window. I have a PlayerJump component attached to an object of type ObjectMeshStatic with 2 fields which I want to be able to modify in-editor. One of them is a jump key, a key on the keyboard I want to use for jumping, and a jump force. using Unigine; [Component(PropertyGuid = "7f93b2a9029f5bf4d7fdd6c350ef8d4696b903ed")] public class PlayerJump : Component { [Parameter(Title = "Jump Key")] public Input.KEY jumpKey = Input.KEY.SPACE; [Parameter(Title = "Jump Forc
  6. Hello everyone! I am having difficulties regarding exposing things in the editor. When I make a public variable it is supposed to show up in the editor, but it never does. And it doesn't work no matter the type of variable. Here's the code: using System; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Diagnostics; using Unigine; [Component(PropertyGuid = "9d726b584d9b76d7b9aca64ab1aee121ec3c880c")] public class TowerSpawnUI : Component { public Mesh CubeMesh; private void Init() { Gui GUI = Gui.Get(); WidgetButton Btn = new WidgetButton(GUI, "Cl
  7. Character animation Editor

    Здравствуйте. Я не смог найти в Unigine дерево смешиваний анимаций для персонажей. Смотрел уроки, читал документацию, нигде об этом не написано. Меня интересует персонажная анимация. Подскажите, есть ли данная функция в Unigine editor ?
  8. Background Color Setting??

    I want to change the world background color to full white in the editor. How should I set it ???
  9. Why benchmarking Editor The less time you’re spending looking at progress bars the better experience you have, the faster you’ll move on with your tasks. Thanks to our customers we have collected a number of high load usage scenarios that helped us to improve overall performance of import, assets, and scene management subsystems. To understand how current Unigine Editor version performs we ran a number of tests inspired by real cases and compared results with some popular game engines. Test cases and methods We tested assets import, bulk nodes operations and asset systems. Deta
  10. Random crashes

    Hi @demostenes, I've reproduced this. However, it wasn't that often as you mentioned, but quite stable. I also observed that you're running main_sdl.exe instead of regular main.exe. Is this on purpose? We'll investigate the reasons for the crash and will try to fix it in the next update. Thanks.
  11. Hi, While Editor is running and application logic is on, I would like to handle input from keyboard. Currently I am using a "Usage Example\Basic Object Movements" example from documentation int init() { engine.visualizer.setEnabled(1); Player player = new PlayerSpectator(); player.setPosition(Vec3(0.0f,-3.401f,1.5f)); player.setDirection(Vec3(0.0f,1.0f,-0.4f));; int index = engine.editor.findNode("Player"); if (index != -1) { sphere = engine.editor.getNode(index); } engine.controls.setStateKey(CONTROLS_STATE_AUX_0, 'p
  12. manipulator not showing up

    The Manipulator often doesnt show up, when switching between move, scale, rotate. I cant say when exactly, but they often do not show up, which is really annoying. Clicking on random nodes in the world panel helps sometimes.
  13. Video grabber and Editor mismatch

    Hi! I've used Video grabber (Editor2 to take a single shot (with and without Anti-aliasing). When I compare the resulting image with the editor viewport I realize there are differences: Ambient oclussion settings Shadow color/quality. Here are an example with ambient occlusion settings intencionally exagerated. I just wanted to know how could I set the same rendering settings to obtain the same results as editor viewport. Thanks.
  14. about terrain editor idea

    hey,i have a idea,i hope you add a functional,it similar to Cryengine V Terrain Editor and Vegetation Editor,because Unigine objectterrain editor and mesh cluster,mesh clutter hard to use,it's very slow slow!Please you try to use Cryengine V Terrain Editor and Vegetation Editor,it's very easy to use!I like Unigine,Unigine 3d rendering > all engine.
  15. Editor crash issue

    Hi! Unigine editor crash when loading the world. The message is shown below. Assertion failed: num >= 0 && num < states.size() && "Material::check_state_conditions(): bad state number", file engine\render\Material.cpp, line 3223 Thanks!
  16. Hi, We are migrating our application from Unigine 1 to 2.3.1, The first roadblock is Unigine Editor. Till Unigine 1, Editor was integrated to unigine libs and using editor in our world was easier. But now Editor is a separate entity. Our application depends on many other static libs,dlls without which our world and plugins wont be loaded correctly. Most of those libs either has business logic written in c++ Or are using Unigine's C++ API's Please suggest a workaround by which we dont have to depend on external Editor.
  17. Hello, I am currently in charge of a team evaluating Unigine 2.2.1-2 SIM. I am having issues with starting up projects inside of the SDK browser. I can however go to the project folder and start it via the batch file provided (as long as the SDK browser is open for licensing verification). Any clue why this might be happening? I am also having an issue where the Editor Game Framework is not acting correctly. I create a game, save. I then create a level, and save. I then create an entity and save. Everything seems to be acting correctly then out of the blue I will start up Unigine
  18. Hi there we observe some strange behavior while working in the editor. From time to time the performance profiler shows a lot of repetitive peaks as long as the node GUI is open. As soon as we close the GUI the peaks disappear until we reopen a GUI. Please see the attached pictures. Kind regards, Renato
  19. I encountered a strange problem that I started the Csharp app demo in sdks\sim_eval_win_2.0-RC2\source\csharp\samples\App\D3D11SharpAppForm and ran a sample, When I called the console and inputed editor_load, the app was crashed in x64 platform and also had something wrong in x86 like the following screenshort figure in attach files. I do not know how to solve this problem. log.html
  20. Editor will not allow to add animation file :( So its not playing :( Why is this happening! Thanks Paul The other image says can't find bones in animation but it work fine in Mesh Viewer - what is going wrong! Animation file attached : It works in Mesh Viewer:
  21. AddNode resets camera

    I'm performing a simple mouse intersection test to create a new dummy node and whenever I do, my editor cam is reset somewhere back to 0,0,0. Any idea why this is? int ret[1]; vec3 p0, p1; Unigine::getPlayerMouseDirection(p0,p1); Object obj =, p1, ~0, ret); NodeDummy pt = new NodeDummy(); pt.setName("TESTNODE"); pt.setWorldPosition(ret[0]); engine.editor.addNode(pt); Philip
  22. Tracker enable/disable function doesn't cleanly enable or disable ObjectParticles with Periods/Durations I even tried with putting my ObjectParticles in a DummyNode and enable that -> same result Rebuild scenario: - Take SFX Explosion (one of them) from the library - Add them disabled to the tracker and enable them somewhere in the tracker Explosion will reset every tracker frame where it should be "enabled" Cheers
  23. I've created a fully working UnigineScript plugin for Unigine and when I built it, I tested it against what I call the 'Editor SDK' which was through the Browser > Tools > Editor. Everything works in that particular binary. I've since given the plugin to another member of the team and when he runs it through his local project it crashes Unigine. I'm sure it has something to do with paths, but I don't understand the difference between how the file path works in the launchable editor vs. when you build a project. Furthermore, why are these treated differently?
  24. [SOLVED] Extending the Editor Panel

    The plugin sample explains pretty clearly how to add new UIs via the plugin tab in the Tools menu, but is there a way I can launch my plugin from the editor toolbar panel without modifying the source code?
  25. [SOLVED] Saving GUI State

    Is there a mechanism for saving the parameters input into an editor window? Seems trivial and I looked into how it was done for the Materials and Properties dialogs but those only save engine values directly.