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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, can you tell me the names of all included engine texture names (i.e. albedo) which are used in Unigine samples and core materials or a link to the documentation, i have not found it? <texture name="albedo"></texture> Thanks
  2. I try to recreate a shader like the sample on on the sample is use a vertex point as geometry in. Using UUSL the GEOM_TYPE_IN. How I can put a POINT or a Vertex?, for now my two valid options are GEOM_TYPE_IN(LINE_IN) or GEOM_TYPE_IN(TRIANGLE_IN) I try parameters like VERTEX_IN, POINT_IN etc but all of then give me "error X3000: unrecognized identifier" VERTEX_IN or POINT_IN In fact if you do a search on all your documentation for GEOM_TYPE_IN shader definitio
  3. Linux HTC Vive support

    Hello! I'm developing VR(HTC Vive) application on Unigine Linux SDK. But I can not find any documentation on how to integrate HTC Vive in my application.I already installed Steam Vr via Steam. All that I found is how to do it on Windows version of SDK. Should I do it manually via code or can you provide me some information about it please?
  4. Hello everyone and welcome to the Documentation Feedback forum! These threads will be used to allow you to provide us at Unigine with valuable feedback on our documentation. You will see posts that break down our documentation into different sections and topics and within those individual posts we would like users to freely discuss and provide feedback on Unigine SDK documentation. This is a new process that we are trying out, so any feedback on the process itself is appreciated as well. We sincerely appreciate your support and help!
  5. First of all, we would like to thank you for taking the time to help us make our documentation better! We request that issues found within documentation please be submitted within this thread . If you have multiple issues to report, we ask that you use your best judgment and if need be make a separate reply for each. This will make tracking of each issue easier. HOW TO REPORT ISSUES WITHIN THIS THREAD • Please remember to always Search the thread first, to see if your issue has already been reported. • If your issue has not been previously reported, then please proceed to reply to thi
  6. Missed functions in documentation

    Hi, Some functions can't be found in documentation, here are some of them: is_file is_dir is_hidden absname relname currdir basename (listed in C++ String class but not in UngineScript) dirname (listed in C++ String class but not in UngineScript) pathname (listed in C++ String class but not in UngineScript) ... Some are listed in Unigine 1.0 documentation, but for some reason not in most recent versions. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, In the documentation (, we can see : Node getChild (int id) Returns a given child of the node. Arguments int id - ID number of the child. Return value Child node. is the argument a ID number or an Index number ? If it's an index number, could you update the documentation ? Thanks, Philippe
  8. SMESH file format interpretation issues

    Having sucessfully written code to write a mesh file, we now require to also write into smesh format. I am currently having trouble writing a smesh file based on the Mesh File Formats documentation and it feels like trial and error now in getting the resource editor to open my files without crashing. Does this mean for a bind pose I should have zero frames or 1 frame? By "no bone transforms" does it mean omit the data for position and rotation for zero frame or add a position (0,0,01,) and roation (0,0,0,0) for that frame for each bone?