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Found 3 results

  1. Migration 2.11 to 2.12

    Hello, I am migrating to 2.12 version right now. I fixed all api changes and changed config files from unigine.cfg to default.boot. But I am getting only a white picture for directx and opengl. We are managing opengl and directx context and application window by ourselves. Did anything change in graphics api usage? GPU usage is 100 % so it is rendering something but it is not swapping to the front buffer. Thanks
  2. Qt DirectX and Unigine

    Hi, we are using opengl at the moment for our project with a QOpenGLWidget which is working fine with the Qt composition of QWidget layers, which have transparency, on each other. We want to use directx because of some shader bugs ,which are not solved in opengl yet, and performance improvement. I also managed to get unigine working with directx but I can not overlay the used QWidget with any other QWidget based elements which have transparency. There is no blending in this case and the Unigine scene will not be visible. Do you already have a solution which works with the
  3. We are using Direct3D9 in our Unigine::App. While in full screen, if the app loses focus, it cannot recover. I tried the IDirect3DDevice9::Reset() but it fails saying that all the resources need to be released before reseting the device. What is the best way to handle this situation?