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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to achieve a light up terrain without using any light point. Currently I'm using an edited texture with lighted up areas and apply it onto planes, and makes it emit at night. It would be better if the texture is wrapped onto the terrain itself as a decal to make sure the elevation is correct. I don't see any emission option is available in decal material in my version (2.10). Attached image is sample of what I am trying to achieve. I have search the forum and came across this post -> Please let me know if the feature is actually ready in any version. Thank you
  2. Hello, I want to display a dynamic change process of data on the terrain by using decals. I want to play an animation. Can this decal be realized The decal is the first choice, but can the decal be set up? If not, is there any recommended method? Thank you for your help
  3. Decal not visible until up close

    Hi there. We are having some strange bug in our application (SDK 2.5). 10% of the time decals can only be visualized when the camera is up close. This happens for all decals. I tracked minimum visible distance, maximum visible distance and near clipping plane distance. They are the same regardless the application being fine or bugged. I enlarged the boundingBox of the Decal node and this solved the issue. I suspect that it has to do with the bounding volumes not entering in the "rendering volume" or the camera frustum. Any ideas what might be causing this? What surprises me the most is that it is a very inconsistent bug.
  4. Mesh Decal Road Edge Blending

    Hello, I came across a method for Mesh Decal roadways in one of the Unigine editor 2 Essentials videos that I am curious about. https://youtu.be/ziYCy9EbgEs?t=176 At 2:56 in the video there is an edging mesh that allows the road to blend nicely with the landscape. Is there a Unigine recommended content creation method for replicating that type of mesh decal edge? I have a few ideas, but am interested in gathering more information on it. Thank you!
  5. projected decal partly unrender

    there was an request to use projected decal ,and in an big area, so will use an big radius like(100000). but it just something wrong ,the decal effect do not we expected, only small part of decal will rendered out ,and the render area will changed when the camera move. there was an screen shot of the projected decal attached , you can test in your side ,and just project it to globalwater (the effect will be same as in terrain or other stuff).i've test it in 2.6 and 2.7.1 ,we have an project of 2.6 . so any solution please base on 2.6.
  6. Hello, When creating a Spline Object over a landscape as Decal, the material associated with it is created as read-only AND connot be inherited from. This prevents us from changing the Material Mask ID, which is created with the default value of 0xFFFFFFFF. This means the decal will appear on all objects, and not only over the terrain. Suggestions: - make this material inheritable from - add a "Material Mask" entry for Spline Decal in the Landscape editor (this would also be a good idea for all created materials)
  7. Orthographic light

    Hi, we have started a new project where we need to render +150000 lights at the same time. As this is imposible, we decided to bake lights in textures and then project them to terrain by using a light or a decal. For rendering textures we used an orthographic camera (which give us perfect textures) but LightProj fov minimum value is 1 (and has projection errors) and decal is affected by light, so it can't be seen at night. We need this textures to be rendered over terrain without global illumination (at night) but in orthographic projection as our render camera is. Is there any way to project a texture with an orthographic light or any way to make decals being not affected by lighting? Any other tips? Thanks in advance!
  8. So, I have a tool that I'm building to create roads both geometrically and using a project decal; the DecalDeferredMesh. The issue is that once I turn a mesh into a DecalDeferredMesh and project it onto the terrain I can no longer select it using the mouse as I can my other ObjectMeshDynamic geometry. Can anybody give me a suggestion on what I can use to use the mouse to select a DecalDeferredMesh? Thanks, Josh
  9. [SOLVED] Deferred Decal Mesh issues

    I'm creating a road system with deferred decal meshes, and I'm having some trouble wrapping my head around your decal bit masking system. I've set the road's decal mask to 00000001, and set all other objects' decal mask to 00000000, but the road is still rendered over the top of everything. No matter what I set the decal mask to, it still renders on top of everything. Also, when creating my roads, I've used separate hovering geometry for the painted lines and other features. When ambient light is unchecked in the material editor, the lines and other features render ok, but dark colors end up as transparent. For example, if I have a grate, and between the bars is a black color, it just renders as the concrete texture below. If I have a line of tar, or a crack in the road, it will barely show up at all. See screenshot. If I check ambient light in the material editor, it fixes that problem, but introduces this. The floating geometry's colors are correct, but the geometry is no longer rendered properly. The third problem I've encountered is the performance. When adding even a small road, the framerate drops by almost 20 fps when the camera is near it. Turning on ambient light in the material editor gives a significant boost in performance, but the floating geometry's appearance is unacceptable. Does anybody have any solutions to these problems?
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