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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I just installed Unigine on Linux and followed this tutorial step by step to create a custom material with a deferred pass shader. I don't get any compilation errors. I assigned the custom_mesh_material to a cube and it is not rendering (as in the sceenshot bellow): Is there something I have missed? Thanks in advance
  2. Hello together, I try to change the indices of an ObjectDynamic during runtime to discard some points in Unigine 2.11. I can call clearIndices() on this object and all geometry vanish. But when I change the index array and set it again. the changed data won't get uploaded and the geometry still looks the same. Any ideas? int AppWorldLogic::init() { // Write here code to be called on world initialization: initialize resources for your world scene during the world start. m_dynamicObject = Unigine::ObjectDynamic::create(); m_dynamicObject->setMaterialNodeType(Unigi
  3. Hi all, Very similar to this topic, I want to known if it's possible to create and process custom packets, in this case for DIS using the IG Template. Thanks.
  4. Hello , I have written a material <material name="my_custom_material" parent="mesh_base" > <options object="mesh_dynamic" transparent="2" order="1"/> <state name="workflow">1</state> <state name="auxiliary" defines="name" pass_defines="auxiliary"/> <blend src="src_alpha" dest="one_minus_src_alpha"/> <state name="deferred">0</state> <state name="ambient" type="switch" items="none,opacity,transparent" transparent="2">2</state> <parameter name="auxiliary_color" auxiliary="1" type="color">1.0 1.0 1
  5. Hello Community, i have a little problem, the most is said in the topic-title, but here a little longer explanations: First i want to load a defined gui: engine.gui.addUserInterface ( engine.getGui(), "myGui.ui" ); After this, i do: Gui gui = engine.getGui(); Now my gui is visible. And now my problems begins: I have a Button called "Add a Tab", with this i want to change the myGui.ui, and add a new Tab dynamic to the .ui, of course i want to remove a tab again too, this needs to be dynamlicy, so i could add more then one tab, and remove more then one tab. The second thing is, when