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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, Most of the time, the density value I use for mesh clutter and grass impostors is in the range 0.001-0.009, ie the limit of the precision of the displayed value. My problem here is sometime, even though I copy pasted the value from the clutter to the grass, they seem to used very slightly different values internally, but enough to have impostors missing where clutter mesh is placed, or the other way around. At this point, I don't know if the problem is that the values are actually different, but displayed as identical, or if your algorithm is somewhat different for the two. (note the grass object was created with the new 2.7.2 impostor tool)
  2. [SOLVED] Landcover and clutter issue

    Hello, When creating a landcover vegetation, there is a strong mismatch with a tagged landcover. Worse, some generated clutter are empty. On the hereafter screencap, worldclutters were generated for the dark green area. WorldClutter_1 is on the left of the vertical line, and WorldClutter_3 is on the right. Only the _3 is filled. Attached is the test_project (I removed the core and bin folder for size consideration). Thanks for your help. test_project.7z
  3. [SOLVED] Billboard tree height issue

    When using grass based impostors, there's a problem with the height of the billboards. When changing the size, the billboards scale from the center, not the bottom. Here's an example. This is tree billboard that has been added to the world as part of a grass object. It's height is set to 30 meters. Notice the red lines marking the top and bottom. This is a shot of the same tree with it's height set to 10 meters. The bottom of the billboard shifts upward dramatically. The problem here is that the billboards are meant to seamlessly replace WorldClutter objects (like trees) at a distance, but the scaling behavior of the impostors is different than the scaling behavior of WorldClutter objects. This also renders the min/max height function unusable, because if the trees have any height variation, most of the billboards will be floating above the ground.
  4. Impostors don't have correct rotation

    I've noticed recently that my billboards aren't lining up with the geometry clutter versions. There's a rotation z setting in the clutter, but no corresponding setting in the grass object to determine which of the atlas images to load. As a result, billboards for irregularly shaped foliage often appear with the wrong image, and it's very noticeable.
  5. Tree Clutter Painting Slow

    I've created a clutter object for each of my terrain tiles and I'm experiencing the same issue a lot of other users have been getting which is that painting the clutter mask is tremendously taxing. I go from 90fps to 4fps. This is a problem in itself but the even bigger problem is that the clutter objects don't actually appear on the terrain until several seconds later. I think my values are correct but I'm not entirely sure what could be going wrong. Are these values sane? Terrain: 2049 x 2049 Step: 3.172 ObjectClutter: 1024 x 1024 Spawn: 1 Visible: 100 Fade: 50 Size: 6499.43 x 6499.43 Step: 1 Density: 1 Threshold: 0.5 Intersection: true Philip
  6. I'm trying to get my grass based impostors to line up with my mesh clutter. I enabled orientation in my clutter object so the instances orient themselves with my terrain's hills, but checking orientation in the grass object doesn't have any effect. As a result, the impostors don't line up at all. Is there a way to fix this?
  7. Hi! I was searching through the API and testing the WorldClutter class when I wondered, could I generate objects with clutter and then modify cluttered objects individually in any way? Some example would be to generate a forest and then go to woodchop some trees. I could use an axe and in collision event change the mesh (i don't even know if I can do this with those NodeReference) but if i want that tree to grow with time I don't see the clutter class to be able to do this. Thanks for your help!
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