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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, we are using Unigine 2.13 and I noticed a problem with the planar reflections in combination with 3D clouds. I have an implementation of ObjectExtern that is transparent and is rendered in the Ambient pass. It also has a horizontal planar reflection plane. The planar reflections look fine when the Downsampling Rendering option for the Unigine clouds is set to full. However, for other values of Downsampling Rendering the planar reflections appear incorrect. I created a world that only contains a horizontal plane and the sky and 3D clouds. I used RenderDoc to extract the screen space planar reflection texture that is created by Unigine for the horizontal plane for different values of clouds Downsampling Rendering. The reflection image should fill the entire texture in all cases. However, the reflection image gets smaller when Downsampling Rendering gets lower. For half and quarter, the image only partially fills the texture and the rest of the texture is just empty. See the extracted textures below: Downsampling Rendering = full Downsampling Rendering = half Downsampling Rendering = quarter We want to use Downsampling Rendering = quarter for performance reasons. But at the moment this is not possible, because of this problem with the reflections. Can you please help to solve this problem? Thanks!
  2. Clouds movement without noise

    Hi, I just want to ask how it is possible to move the clouds without moving through the noise pattern to make their shape more stable. I added two videos, one shows the movement of the player, which creates the appearance I want to achieve. The other one shows the cloud moving per wind slider in the paramter section. Ideally it should be a mix of both. Thanks for your help. clouds_moved_by_viewpoint.mp4 clouds_moved_by wind.mp4
  3. Hello, I am adding reflection of wet surfaces in our application. We observed some artifacts on clouds, while rendering an environment probe with one face per frame. When switching to 6 faces per frame it looks normal, but it is too heavy in computation. What is your solution for this? There is a video in the attachement. 2020-09-04 08-51-16.mkv We did also observe that the start ray for screen space reflections gets more and more incorrect with increasing distance. It appears like the reflected object is going to vanish towards the horizon. When objects have not much space above the ground they won't appear in the reflection anyway only at close distance. Is there a way to do it more accurate than the standard project? There are two screenshot in the attachment, one far away and one close.You can see the missing plate of the material ball clearly. Software version is Thank you for your help
  4. Hey everyone, in Unigine 2.9 the clouds seem to be removed, when the max visibility range for the haze/fog effect gets relatively low (due to the camera far plane decreasing as well?). Because of that, the sun appears more bright at low visibility, even though the cloud density might be set to the maximum. It essentially ignores the cloud settings entirely at low visibility. Even when setting the texture intensity of the sun to 0, a spot bright spot in the sky remains at where the sun should be. I tried to look into the environment.frag shader and played with the mie LUTs (though I do not understand how exactly it works) in the environment presets, but nothing lead a proper solution. I am pretty sure it is related to the mie scattering in some way though. Below I took some screenshots to illustrate the issue. All screenshots were taken from the same camera position and the sun texture intensity of all environments was set to 0. Note that screenshot 2 and 3 look exactly the same, as the clouds seem to have disappeared. If it was working correctly, screenshot 2 should look like screenshot 1. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this? Please let me know if more information is required to solve this. Thanks a lot in advance!
  5. Hi, just tried to let the clouds vanish at the horizon. When using the c++ api, only the standard value of 6378.137 km is working correctly for the ellipsoid of the GeodeticPivot. When I slightly change it the clouds will vanish. I am using OpenGL and Unigine m_cloudsGeodetic = Unigine::GeodeticPivot::create(); m_cloudsGeodetic->setOriginBasis(Unigine::GeodeticPivot::ORIGIN_BASIS_LOCAL); auto ellipsoid = m_cloudsGeodetic->getEllipsoid(); ellipsoid->setMode(Unigine::Ellipsoid::MODE_FAST); ellipsoid->setSemimajorAxis(6378137.); //coverage normal //ellipsoid->setSemimajorAxis(6378137.-500.); //coverage gets higly reduced //ellipsoid->setSemimajorAxis(6378137.+500.); //coverage normal //ellipsoid->setSemimajorAxis(6378137.+1000.); //no clouds visible anymore .... m_cloudsGeodetic->addChild(cloudLayer->getNode()); Did I miss something or is it a bug? Thanks Sebastian
  6. Recently I've been working on a weather system for our game, but realized that I can't create a cloudy sky while also having distance fog. The haze feature that creates the atmospheric distortion effect eliminates the volumetric clouds. Here I have an overcast sky and here's the same sky with the haze distance value lowered. The clouds start disappearing around the same distance from the camera that the haze starts. Here's a photo illustrating the kind of effect I need, where the mountain displays heavy atmopheric distortion, but the clouds are still clearly visible behind it. I'm pretty sure this used to be possible before the last version. Is this a bug? Is there another way to achieve this effect?
  7. Clouds Render Order

    I have some troubles with a Cloud Layer Object. It doesnt render in the background, instead over my objects. What can I do in terms of order? Thank you. Werner
  8. Видела в одном из примеров облака сделанные, кажется, билбордами. Можно ли таким облакам задавать генерацию густоты по средствам маски? И вообще есть ли способ генерировать условно объёмные облака по маске.
  9. Hi there I'd like to access the parameters of the cloud material to simulate different wind at runtime. We need a controlable environment, in which the user can define the specific wind power and direction and the clouds should react correctly to those. Is there a possibility to get a handle to the velocity and the angle of the animation settings? Thanks in advance
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