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Found 5 results

  1. Clouds movement without noise

    Hi, I just want to ask how it is possible to move the clouds without moving through the noise pattern to make their shape more stable. I added two videos, one shows the movement of the player, which creates the appearance I want to achieve. The other one shows the cloud moving per wind slider in the paramter section. Ideally it should be a mix of both. Thanks for your help. clouds_moved_by_viewpoint.mp4 clouds_moved_by wind.mp4
  2. Hi, just tried to let the clouds vanish at the horizon. When using the c++ api, only the standard value of 6378.137 km is working correctly for the ellipsoid of the GeodeticPivot. When I slightly change it the clouds will vanish. I am using OpenGL and Unigine m_cloudsGeodetic = Unigine::GeodeticPivot::create(); m_cloudsGeodetic->setOriginBasis(Unigine::GeodeticPivot::ORIGIN_BASIS_LOCAL); auto ellipsoid = m_cloudsGeodetic->getEllipsoid(); ellipsoid->setMode(Unigine::Ellipsoid::MODE_FAST); ellipsoid->setSemimajorAxis(6378137.); //coverage normal //ellipsoid->setSemimajorAxis(6378137.-500.); //coverage gets higly reduced //ellipsoid->setSemimajorAxis(6378137.+500.); //coverage normal //ellipsoid->setSemimajorAxis(6378137.+1000.); //no clouds visible anymore .... m_cloudsGeodetic->addChild(cloudLayer->getNode()); Did I miss something or is it a bug? Thanks Sebastian
  3. CloudLayer flickers through trees

    Hello, The cloud layers flickers through the trees (WorldClutter). The effect is extremely painful on the eye :( To be more precise : the cloud layer does NOT overlap the trees vertically. The clouds are much higher, but we can see them behind the trees. The flickering appears like a thousand small white dots randomly jittering. Any workaround/tweaking I can do? Thanks
  4. I would like to see a better looking 2D cloud system similar to this one. http://vimeo.com/16534222#t=110 I believe that the clouds in this video are generated from interpolating between 2 cube maps. These cubemaps can be created using Terragen, or using Terragen presets. http://store.nwdanet.com/terragen2store/6-terragen-2-presets/7-atmosphere-a-clouds.html Would anyone else benefit from epic looking skys?
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