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Found 22 results

  1. Hello , I have to press this button every time I go to the forum to follow the news of Unigine until it turns dark theme, but I think I need a cookie to register once and for all/always and not repeat this every time, for me It is annoying, please fix it. Thanks
  2. Impostors problem

    I've created impostors for grass and everything went ok but when i'm trying to create impostors for trees it gives me really strange result. I'm using trees from Vegetation pack. I attached the setting that I use to create impostors but changing them didn't help.
  3. FBX import bug

    Hi I found an error importing FBX. To reproduce the error: - select foxhole demo in SDK browser and create project - delete the .cache_textures and .runtimes directories in the created project - delete .cache files - run launch_editor.bat the result is an error: D: /test/foxhole/data/props/vegetation/small_plant/small_plant.FBX: import finished in 129.824000 ms D: /test/foxhole/data/gui/new_gui/test_tooltip_line.FBX (14.4KB): import started ... D: /test/foxhole/data/gui/new_gui/test_tooltip_line.FBX: import finished in 25.269000 ms D: /test/foxhole/data/props/vegetation/bearberry/fbx/bearberry.FBX (48.9KB): import started ... Assertion failed: index <length && index> = 0 && "String :: get (): bad index", file D: \ BA \ work \ 76df3f2b57c5d2d5 \ include \ UnigineString.h, line 70 best regards Aargh
  4. MathLib.Lerp Bug

    Hi Unigine Team, I verified MathLib.Lerp , this function have a bad bug. If the distance from the origin to the destination increases, The shooting point to the destination happens with a fast time interval! this is not correct! While this process should be uniform as a third parameter(speed*Game.Ifps). For example : The starting distance to the destination is 10 meters and the particle travels this distance in 2 seconds For example :The starting distance to the destination is 100 meters and the particle travels this distance in 20 seconds I think this function needs to be reviewed , or at least create another function, according to me, so that missiles and rockets can be designed. Thank you
  5. WorldRotate(vec3) scales object

    Steps: -Add the following component to a primitive box -Use space / enter to trigger WorldRotate using System; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using Unigine; [Component(PropertyGuid = "24c7af91cfafa3bcc0f32beb363ad04ec4089b55")] public class BugTester : Component { private void Update() { // write here code to be called before updating each render frame if (Input.IsKeyDown(Input.KEY.SPACE) || Input.IsKeyPressed(Input.KEY.RETURN)) { node.WorldRotate(new vec3(0,0,0.1f)); } Log.Message("rotation " + node.GetRotation()); Log.Message("position " + node.Position); Log.Message("scale " + node.Scale); } } With a Z rotation input vector the cube scales down on X and Y axises until the scale and rotation properties turn into NaN. Unigine Community C# (edit, seems to work the same in C++ version too) WorldRotate.mp4
  6. QWindowsNativeInterface bug on editor initialization

    The log file attached shows that everything is OK till the last messages, which says that 'QWindowsNativeInterface::nativeResourceForWindow: 'handle' requested for null window or window without handle.' Seems like the window handle ptr is null(idk which window, because it pop-up the Help and the Editor window, could be any of both). log.html
  7. I'm attempting to render some lines onto a WidgetSpriteViewport using engine.visualizer.renderLine2D(). The documentation for the visualizer states that it draws it's 2D lines atop everything else. However, when rendering using renderLine2D the lines do not appear on top of any widgets drawn to the system GUI. Is this a bug? Thank you for your time, Andrew
  8. If an object name in an FBX file is something like Base:Stuff:ObjectName then the importer tool will fail the entire file. The issue is that the importer will try to create a directory called "Base:Stuff" and put "ObjectName" in to it. Since Windows paths cannot contain colons this fails. You need to sanitize your inputs before using them to make directories.
  9. A bug with the order of events on the stack for GUI ... Gui gui = engine.getGui(); WidgetButton btn1 = new WidgetButton(gui, "Button 1"); btn1.setCallback( GUI_ENTER, "onEnter", 1 ); btn1.setCallback( GUI_LEAVE, "onLeave", 1 ); gui.addChild(btn1); WidgetButton btn2 = new WidgetButton(gui, "Button 2"); btn2.setCallback( GUI_ENTER, "onEnter", 2 ); btn2.setCallback( GUI_LEAVE, "onLeave", 2 ); gui.addChild(btn2); ... void onEnter( int id ) { log.message("onEnter( 'Button %d' )\n", id); } void onLeave( int id ) { log.message("onLeave( 'Button %d' )\n", id); } Please see the result in the attached picture. OrderEvent.rar
  10. When I export my mesh from max it appears fine in engine. When I export as node I get errors saying can't load .mat, can't load .mesh. I have tried all of the different settings in the node export tool with no success...
  11. [WONTFIX] Controlled bug...

    При использовании параметра controlled обнаружилась рассинхронизация мешей. Как с этим бороться? Подробнее на видео. Небольшие коментарии к видео: В самом начале видно что прическа несихронизирована с головой. Может это дефект скина? Но нет... Далее видно, что взяв копии одного и того-же меша (но с разными включенными поверхностями, для наглядности), и связав из через controlled, видим швы, которых быть не должно (меши то идентичные). При увеличении нагрузки на движок (с падением FPS) рассинхронизация усиливается. In-english: When using the controlled param, was found desync meshes. How about it? More details in the video. Small comments to the video: In the beginning, it is seen that hair is not synchronized with the head. Maybe it's defective skin? But no ... Take two copies of the mesh (with different surfaces enabled, for clarity) and linking them through controlled, we see the seams, which should not be (that meshes identical). By increasing the burden on engine (with the fall FPS) desync increases. (18+ only!!!)
  12. Привет, об этом вопросе я уже писал https://developer.unigine.com/forum/topic/1692-error-or-not-event-button-higher-than-the-window/, но решение я так и не нашел. Подскажите, кто сталкивался и смог решить эту проблему. Как сделать так, чтобы не пролетали события у Widget-детей? Как добиться нормального работы WidgetVBox+WidgetSprite, схожей по работе с WidgetWindow? Спасибо. ===================== translation from google ===================== Hi, The question has long been https://developer.unigine.com/forum/topic/1692-error-or-not-event-button-higher-than-the-window/. But the decision, I did not find one. Help. How to make sure not to miss the event Widget-children? How to ensure the normal operation WidgetVBox + WidgetSprite, like WidgetWindow? Thank you.
  13. Hello. Проблема с наследование от MovieClip во Flash. Пример прилагается: Есть клип (movie) к которому подключен класс (_movie) без наследования, в клипе есть несколько кадров, по которым будем переключаться с помощью функции в классе. Если сейчас откомпилировать данный пример во Flash, то ничего работать не будет, обязательно надо в классе (_movie) сделать наследование от extends MovieClip. А вот в Unigine все как раз наоборот, будет работать. Если наследование сделать, то во Flash работать будет хорошо, а в Unigine будет много ошибок. ===================== translation from google ===================== The problem with inheriting from MovieClip in Flash. Example attached: a clip (movie) is connected to the class (_movie) without inheritance, the clip is a few frames, which will switch from using in the classroom. If you now compile this example in Flash, then it will not work, be sure to be in the class (_movie) to inherit from extends MovieClip. But in Unigine is just the opposite will work. If inheritance is done, the Flash will work well, and in Unigine will be a lot of errors. Thank you. flash_mc.zip
  14. Здравствуйте. Проблема с наследованием в классах Flash. Простой пример прилагается. Результаты во Flash и Unigine разные. вкратце: Проблема заключается в обращении из frame к функции (в примере Hide() ), которая имеет одинаковое имя во всех трех классах. Мы вызываем Hide() из FIRST, а срабатывает Hide из SECOND. Проблема исчезнет если убрать у классов наследников наследование от родителя "extends _main". Спасибо. ===================== translation from google ===================== Hello The problem with inheritance in classes Flash. A simple example is attached. Results in Flash and Unigine different. briefly: The problem is to use a function of the from frame (in the example Hide() ), which has the same name in all three classes. We call Hide() from FIRST, and works from Hide SECOND. The problem goes away if you remove the classes of heirs to inherit from parent "extends _main". Thank you. flash.rar
  15. Hello In WidgetFlash very common bug. Understand exactly what it is, I do not know, but there are some assumptions. Interface which I did, works fine in Flash-player, but in Unigine appears this bug. Noticed a mistake on this enigmatic appeal to clone MovieClip in function. For example: create a single cell MovieClip for equipment that handles mouse events contains graphics, icon, properties, parameters and effects. Next, from the cell to collect group of cells, such as inventory or bag, then make a copy of the inventory (or group of cells) eg for shop windows, or other equipment for the NPC. And if we now start some action with a cell from the second inventory, all actions will be reflected in the cell of the first inventory. the example below. Thank you. ===================== translation from google ===================== Здравствуйте. В WidgetFlash очень часто встречается глюк. Понять что его вызывает я не могу, но некоторые предположения есть. Интерфейс который я сделал, отлично работает под Flash-player, а вот в Unigine работать мешает этот глюк. Замечал эту загадочную ошибку на обращение к клонированным MovieClip через функцию. Например: создаем одну ячейку MovieClip для инвентаря, которая обрабатывает события мыши, содержит графику, иконку, свойства, параметры и эффекты. Далее из этой ячейки собираем группу ячеек, например инвентарь или сумку, затем сделать копию этого инвентаря к примеру для витрины магазина, или инвентаря для другого NPC. И если сейчас начать какие-нибудь действия с ячейкой из второго инвентаре, то все действия будут отражаться на ячейке из первого инвентаря. Mini example, the technique that I use: / Мини пример, техника которую использовал я: on stage in the first frame: / на сцене в первом кадре: function itemDrag (mc: MovieClip) { mc.alpha = 60; } MovieClip cell: / MovieClip ячейки: cell.onRollDrag = function () { _root.itemDrag (this); } Спасибо.
  16. Hello I can not understand how it works WidgetFlash :: loadMovie. example: var counter:Number = 0; this.createEmptyMovieClip( 'contener', 0 ); onEnterFrame = function() { counter++; if (counter >= 100) { counter = 0; string = 'icons/' + String(Math.round(Math.random() * 17)) + '.png'; contener.loadMovie( string ); trace( string ); } } In Flash, everything works perfectly, Unigine icon is loaded only once, the next load is performed. Thank you.
  17. I'm seeing inconsistent and unexpected behaviour when trying to set variables passed by reference (possibly related to inheritance). See example below: class MyBase { public: void TestSetByReference(int& result) { result = 17; } }; class MyDerived : MyBase { public: void TestSetByReference(int& result) { result = 34; } }; MyBase base = new MyDerived(); MyDerived derived = new MyDerived(); int i = -1; derived.TestSetByReference(i); log.message("derived.TestSetByReference = %d \n",i); i = -1; base.TestSetByReference(i); log.message("base.TestSetByReference = %d \n",i); i = -1; MyBase(base).TestSetByReference(i); log.message("MyBase(base).TestSetByReference = %d \n",i); i = -1; MyBase::TestSetByReference(i); log.message("MyBase::TestSetByReference = %d \n",i); i = -1; MyDerived(base).TestSetByReference(i); log.message("MyDerived(base).TestSetByReference = %d \n",i); i = -1; MyBase(base).TestSetByReference(i); log.message("MyBase(base).TestSetByReference = %d \n",i); // Output: derived.TestSetByReference = 34 base.TestSetByReference = 0 <--- ?? MyBase(base).TestSetByReference = 0 <--- ?? The same call gives a different result below MyBase::TestSetByReference = 17 MyDerived(base).TestSetByReference = 34 MyBase(base).TestSetByReference = 17 <--- ?? Different result, but still wrong Performing the same example except returning by value gives expected results (i.e. result is always 34, except when base class method is explicity called via MyBase:: ) Is this a known bug or limitation?
  18. Hello! Simply as an example: ///////// Example 1 /////////// var arr:Array = new Array(); trace('Len: ' + arr.length); // Print: Len: 0 // Right! ///////// Example 2 /////////// var arr:Array = new Array("one"); trace('Len: ' + arr.length); // Print: Len: 0 // Error! ///////// Example 3 /////////// var arr:Array = new Array("one", "two"); trace('Len: ' + arr.length); // Print: Len: 2 // Right! Thank you.
  19. Here you will find a few simple tips on how to make your bug report better. The more full information you provide, the faster we find the issue and fix it! How to report a bug 1. Search the forum for the issue you encountered. If there is a topic with the same bug and you can add any helpful details (for example, as to environment in which it occurs or hardware configuration), post a message in it. If there are no topics on our forum that mention the issue you've encountered, create a new topic. 2. Always report one problem in each topic. This way, it's easier to keep track of the bugs and make sure none are left unanswered. Minimal description Minimal issue description should contain Reproduction steps. What you expected or needed to happen What you did in detailed step-by-step guide (see the example below) Or alternatively a video or set of screenshots that will show the whole steps required to reproduce this behavior What happened For example: Additional info If it is needed for explanation - you can add to your post following items: A video or screenshots that shows all the necessary steps A log file (log.html). A call stack (in case of crashes) A minimal test scene for reproduction. But if you are 100% sure it's enough, you can simply share resources in question or at the very least, attach a screenshot (with a mark drawn to point out the problem). See details on each of these points below. Log file A log.html file created on each launch of your application and stored in the project directory and older log files are being renamed to log_1.html, log_2.html and so on. Up to 4 log files can exists simultaneously. Log file by default located in: <Your_Project_Dir>/bin/log_*.html To get maximum out of the log file, here is a couple of hints: Run debug builds (unless issue is only can be reproduced in release). In this case log file will contain detailed error messages (only valid for UnigineScript-based applications). Attach multiple log files to your message (since they may contain various error messages from time to time). Remember that Editor also writes all the error messages in the log file, so it may be useful. Call Stack Sometimes you may observe an engine crashes. If you 100% sure that your code is valid and the engine itself is working incorrectly we may ask for additional information. A call stack allows to view the function or procedure calls that led to a crash. You can provide it: In a text format (preferable) As a screenshot of call stack window. Windows Run your application with debug engine (<your_app_name_x64d.exe) In Visual Studio go to Debug -> Attach to Process (Ctrl + Alt + P) Select your application in Available processes list and hit Attach Crash your application Copy the callstack contents and attach it to your report Linux Please ensure you have packages with debug symbols installed. Make sure the GNU Debugger is installed (all terminal commands are for debian-like systems): sudo apt-get install gdb Start the debug version of engine under control of gdb: gdb <main_x64d> 2>&1 | tee ~/gdb-<program>.txt (gdb) handle SIG33 pass nostop noprint (gdb) set pagination 0 (gdb) run <arguments, if any> If the engine must run as root, use sudo gdb instead of just gdb above. The program will start. Perform any actions necessary to reproduce the crash. If the program hangs but doesn't crash you can press CTRL+C in gdb while the program is frozen and then continue with the next step. Retrieve a backtrace: (gdb) backtrace full (gdb) info registers (gdb) x/16i $pc (gdb) thread apply all backtrace (gdb) quit Attach the complete output from GDB, contained in gdb-<program>.txt to your bug report. You will find the file in your home directory /home/<username>. Minimal test scene A minimal test scene is a project stripped down to essentials that cause a bug. There is no need to send us bin directory, just data and source. Sometimes it's easier to create a new project and modify it slightly to get the minimal reproduction scene on default content. For large and NDA test scenes you can use our secure FTP server to upload the files: ftp://files.unigine.com user: upload password: 6xYkd6vLYWjpW6SN
  20. OSX Issues in eval 2011-12-28

    There are three shader issues on Mac: 1. No omni lighting. Log contains following error GLShader::loadFragment(): error in "core/shaders/default/meshes/fragment_base_light_omni.shader" file defines: ATI,ATI_R800,QUALITY_LOW,QUALITY_MEDIUM,QUALITY_HIGH,MULTISAMPLE_0,USE_INSTANCING,USE_GEOMETRY_SHADER,USE_TEXTURE_3D,USE_TEXTURE_ARRAY,USE_REFLECTION,USE_DEFERRED,HAS_DEFERRED_COLOR,HAS_DEFERRED_NORMAL,USE_SRGB,USE_SPECULAR,USE_ENVIRONMENT,USE_NORMALIZATION,USE_DIRECTIONAL_LIGHTMAPS,USE_SCATTERING_FALLOFF,OPENGL,USE_PSEUDO_INSTANCING,USE_PSEUDO_TRANSFORM,USE_ARB_GPU_SHADER_4,HAS_ARB_DRAW_INSTANCED,BASE_LIGHT_OMNI,OMNI,SHADOW,PHONG_RIM,OVERLAY_1 ERROR: 0:614: 'sampler2DArrayShadow' : syntax error syntax error 2. DOF shader error: GLShader::loadVertex(): error in "core/shaders/default/render/vertex_dof_lens.shader" file defines: ATI,ATI_R800,QUALITY_LOW,QUALITY_MEDIUM,QUALITY_HIGH,MULTISAMPLE_0,USE_INSTANCING,USE_GEOMETRY_SHADER,USE_TEXTURE_3D,USE_TEXTURE_ARRAY,USE_ALPHA_FADE,USE_REFLECTION,USE_DEFERRED,HAS_DEFERRED_COLOR,HAS_DEFERRED_NORMAL,USE_SPECULAR,USE_PHONG_RIM,USE_ENVIRONMENT,USE_NORMALIZATION,USE_DIRECTIONAL_LIGHTMAPS,USE_SCATTERING_FALLOFF,OPENGL,USE_PSEUDO_INSTANCING,USE_PSEUDO_TRANSFORM,USE_ARB_GPU_SHADER_4,HAS_ARB_DRAW_INSTANCED ERROR: 0:221: Use of undeclared identifier 'gl_VertexID' ERROR: 0:222: Use of undeclared identifier 'gl_VertexID' ERROR: 0:224: Use of undeclared identifier 'x' ERROR: 0:225: Use of undeclared identifier 'y' ERROR: 0:229: Use of undeclared identifier 'x' ERROR: 0:229: Use of undeclared identifier 'y' ERROR: 0:230: Use of undeclared identifier 'texcoord' ERROR: 0:231: Use of undeclared identifier 'weight' ERROR: 0:231: Use of undeclared identifier 'texcoord' ERROR: 0:232: Use of undeclared identifier 'weight' ERROR: 0:232: Use of undeclared identifier 'texcoord' ERROR: 0:233: Use of undeclared identifier 'weight' ERROR: 0:233: Use of undeclared identifier 'texcoord' ERROR: 0:235: Use of undeclared identifier 'weight' GLShader::loadGeometry(): error in "core/shaders/default/render/geometry_dof_lens.shader" file defines: ATI,ATI_R800,QUALITY_LOW,QUALITY_MEDIUM,QUALITY_HIGH,MULTISAMPLE_0,USE_INSTANCING,USE_GEOMETRY_SHADER,USE_TEXTURE_3D,USE_TEXTURE_ARRAY,USE_ALPHA_FADE,USE_REFLECTION,USE_DEFERRED,HAS_DEFERRED_COLOR,HAS_DEFERRED_NORMAL,USE_SPECULAR,USE_PHONG_RIM,USE_ENVIRONMENT,USE_NORMALIZATION,USE_DIRECTIONAL_LIGHTMAPS,USE_SCATTERING_FALLOFF,OPENGL,USE_PSEUDO_INSTANCING,USE_PSEUDO_TRANSFORM,USE_ARB_GPU_SHADER_4,HAS_ARB_DRAW_INSTANCED ERROR: 0:1: '' : version '150' is not supported WARNING: 0:2: extension 'GL_ARB_geometry_shader4' is not supported ERROR: 0:179: 'layout' : syntax error syntax error 3. Wireframe shader error: GLShader::loadGeometry(): error in "core/shaders/default/common/geometry_base_wireframe.shader" file defines: ATI,ATI_R800,QUALITY_LOW,QUALITY_MEDIUM,QUALITY_HIGH,MULTISAMPLE_0,USE_INSTANCING,USE_GEOMETRY_SHADER,USE_TEXTURE_3D,USE_TEXTURE_ARRAY,USE_ALPHA_FADE,USE_REFLECTION,USE_DEFERRED,HAS_DEFERRED_COLOR,HAS_DEFERRED_NORMAL,USE_SPECULAR,USE_PHONG_RIM,USE_ENVIRONMENT,USE_NORMALIZATION,USE_DIRECTIONAL_LIGHTMAPS,USE_SCATTERING_FALLOFF,OPENGL,USE_PSEUDO_INSTANCING,USE_PSEUDO_TRANSFORM,USE_ARB_GPU_SHADER_4,HAS_ARB_DRAW_INSTANCED,BASE_WIREFRAME,ANIMATION ERROR: 0:1: '' : version '150' is not supported WARNING: 0:2: extension 'GL_ARB_geometry_shader4' is not supported ERROR: 0:179: 'layout' : syntax error syntax error OS is Lion 10.7.2. Video card: ATI 5750, 1GB (engine see only 256Mb?), resolution 2560x1440 (this one is also absent in in-game settings). P.S. I also want to note that OS X Eval looks too much 'homebrew' - why do you use tar.bz2 for deploying application instead of DMG image? There is no runnable (744 or whatever) files inside the package, even browser_x32.sh file have invalid attribute and open by XCode on double click. Terminal window with verbose log forbids using on excibitions, public places or as a screensaver..
  21. При масштабировании объектов, сильно теряется точность. Отладочный пример: 1. basic players demo из EvaluationKIT 2. Добавить пирамиду, в основании квадрат 1*1 метр и высота 1 метр. 3. Подбежать actor(ом), коллизия точная, относительно. 4. Делаем масштабирование пирамиды по x, y, z в 5 раз. 5. Коллизия стала очень неточной. Translate: Debug sample: 1. Start basic players sample from EvaluationKIT browser. 2. Add new static mesh: pyramid with square 1*1 metr and height 1 metr. 3. Run and jump on it by PlayerActor, precision is normally. 4. Scale pyramid by x, y, z in 5 times. 5. Collision has been very inaccurate. normal.bmpscale_bug.bmp
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