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Found 3 results

  1. There is a problem in Unigine(or maybe I do something wrong) referred to loading resources like textures and materials when you mount another folder in runtime and try to load nodes from this folder. If you delete(if they are present everything will be ok, deleting is used to simulate its absence) .runtimes and .cached_textures and then compile and run your project you will be unable to load .node files properly. Materials will be unable to find appropriate textures as they're not in cache. FileSystem::addFileCache and FileSystemAssets::addRuntime don't help. How can I properly load asse
  2. Deleted assets

    Hi, I have deleted some components of the VR layer by accident (vr sample). I have manually placed them back in my scene from the asset browser, with just the same hierarchy and names as in a new generated file (VR sample) - but all the values in the vr_player_spawner.prop in the player dummy are now set to 0 (so the inputs are broken, because of the guids). Now the question is - how can i relink this values with my scene nodes, so that the app works in vr again? I also created a new project and imported the content, but there is no way to copy the content from one editor window
  3. Why benchmarking Editor The less time you’re spending looking at progress bars the better experience you have, the faster you’ll move on with your tasks. Thanks to our customers we have collected a number of high load usage scenarios that helped us to improve overall performance of import, assets, and scene management subsystems. To understand how current Unigine Editor version performs we ran a number of tests inspired by real cases and compared results with some popular game engines. Test cases and methods We tested assets import, bulk nodes operations and asset systems. Deta