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Found 7 results

  1. Vulkan Support

    I'm interested to know how many other developers are waiting for Vulkan support to improve rendering performance and compatibility.
  2. Добрый день. Не могу разобраться, как сохранить сгенерированные детали и материалы масок в lmap. Чтобы, например, при переносе lmap в другой проект(или загрузить в редактор) детали сохранялись. На данный момент, если пересобираю проект без кода генерации, детали пропадают. Пробовал сохранять через консоль, эффекта нет. Также не работает World State. С Уважением Константин.
  3. Hi Unigine Team, First : I must to say you , Thank you so much for public release unigine game engine , I used a bit unigine , this engine is amazing & awesome... Second : Big game dev team or small game dev team can make open world game or Big game with C# or C++ in unigine? Which Language With API Complete in Unigine? C# or C++? Three : Is it possible tell me, which games or simulate projects made with unigne website address? Sincerely Ahmad Karami A Teacher/Book author/Test engineer/Solo GameDev
  4. Hi, I am using Unigine::Image to load tga files with rgb and rgba channels. The getFormat() does always return rgba8. How do I determine the correct number/format of color channels? Regards Sebastian
  5. I have C++ code which is dynamically creating meshes with 1000s of vertices. I have created a plugin which will output these meshes to the engine. I would like to be able to render these without creating ObjectMeshs and adding each vertex individually. Is this possible?
  6. I'd like to create new sets of widget(i.e. WidgetInventory) via a plugin. Is it possible? If yes, how exactly can it be done? To make things clear, an Inventory Widget consists of let's say, 3 buttons, 1 listbox and a sprite. WidgetButton WidgetListBox WidgetSprite There, I need those Widgets to use inside the DLL Project using C++ via the C++ API and produce a plugin. In other words, I want to make a new WidgetInventory by using the default Widgets like WidgetButton in the form of a plugin.
  7. Unigine api search tool

    Hi there! Trying to minimze our programmers' time surfing through Unigine API at documentation pages we decided to do a little tool to help. It's just a simple tool that will help surfing the API in no-time. This tool will run in background waiting for you to press "Alt+A" and use your clipboard text data for the search (although you can type inside the textbox to change the search). You will then press ESC to hide the window or you can close it with the icon in your System Tray. You only need java 32 bit JDK/JRE 1.5+ and edit the exec.bat to point to your java or javaw exe. Currently it only works for Windows because of limitations of the global key listener api. I'm uploading the source code (Eclipse project) and the runnable jar. If you need improvements just ask! Or even you could do it :P Hope it helps any of you ;) If you detect any bug please report! Edit: I just saw I uploaded it with the test files. I will upload the full Unigine API info next monday :) Edit2: Updated! I added a Creative Commons license for you to do whatever you want :) Also I added a little help on searching. You can append :return or :param to search at return type or at params. MST2.rar
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