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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, I have created a .track file within the editor, but I can not figure out how to play this back within the game, either via code or in the editor? It's a simple camera animations, it works fine from within the tracker tool, but as said I can't see how to play it within C# or auto-play when the game plays.
  2. Import animated camera

    Hello, I just started learning Unigine and have a question about importing an animated camera. I have tracked some drone footage in Blender and want to use the camera data in Unigine. Is there any way to import the camera transformation into tracker (using fbx or other method)?
  3. tracker api calls

    Hi are there functions to load and control track files from the c++ side (can't find anything in the docs)? Best
  4. При запуске анимации через Tracker падает детализация ландшафта. Прикрепил видео. Что это может быть и что с этим делать? 2020-02-05 12-14-18.mp4
  5. Здравствуйте! Есть один общий трэк, который содержит в себе несколько мелких. Пытаюсь программно поменять расположение запуска одного из трэков. Не очень понятно как это сделать. Если правильно понимаю, то для этого нужно задать indicies_t и keys_t и сделать update_track_float. Код примерно такой: Unigine::Tracker::TrackerParameterTrack::Track t = track.parameter_tracks[num]; t.indices_t[0] = 7.0f; t.indices_t[1] = 17.0f; Unigine::Tracker::TrackerParameter tp = track.getParameter(num); tp.update_track_float(t.keys_t, t.indices_t); Объясните, пожалуйста, также, что такое i
  6. Hi everyone, I'm having troubles with the tracker tool and the video grabber. In my scene, I've got an object (made of multiple meshes) and multiple cameras as child nodes in the hierarchy of that object, so when I move the object, the cameras (PlayerDummy) move as well. The cameras are facing outward from the object but some part of the object are visible in the camera view as their FOV is quite high. I've set up a small animation in the tracker tool : the object takes off, rotates a bit toward the ground on its pitch axis, and starts moving forward. I then use the video grabbe
  7. I'm trying to combine multiple mesh skinned animations on the tracker using the 'track' option... with no success so far. My process is... 1. import 'animation1.fbx' 2. import 'animation2.fbx' 3. in Tracker>add parameter>node>object>meshskinned>animation>ok 4. select node>'animation1.fbx'>ok 5. save track as 'animation1.track and clear track 6. in Tracker>add parameter>node>object>meshskinned>animation>ok 7. select node>'animation2.fbx'>ok 8. save track as 'animation2.track and clear track 9. se
  8. CIGI and Tracker

    Hello, Is it possible to use a track to drive the animation of a CIGI component? (keeping in mind multiple instances may exist in the scene). The CIGI demo directly drives the rotation of multiple nodes for the animation of the landing gear. I think it would be more intuitive and more user friendly to define a track for this kind of animation. I also have a case where I would like to reuse the same component class for multiple aircraft. Each aircraft would have its own "landing_gears.track", and the component class would just load it and "play it". Thanks.
  9. Hi! If you close the project with animation and open it, the animation will not. Also the "Snap" not working in Graph mode. ver
  10. Hello, i need to make one scene about tank blast within breaking mesh dynamically. problem: When i play track... one tank fire bullet and break & blast another tank. please tell me the way to do it...... and run your mind to do it... I have to solve it......... Any solution? any sharp mind to solve? Find attachment of snapshots.... for my problem ???????? I'm waiting for solution.................and your reply what do you think about any idea/solution.
  11. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has had any luck integrating the Vive trackers into Unigine. from what i can tell the SDK doesn't currently support it out of the box, and i'm not entirely sure how best to approach it. My original plan was to import the OpenVR library, and use that, however, it looks like Unigine's Builtin VR Implementation is disagreeing with it. Thanks in advance for any assistance or insight.
  12. Tracker of camera

    hi, I have created a track for position of camera with help of track editor and I have a system script which loads the track file in world and it works fine, But now I want to take any time between min and max time of track file and on button click camera position should change from initial point to selected point (NOTE without motion). any help to achieve this. thanks
  13. Hi, I'm implementing a custom camera editor where camera position/rotation keys are placed on terrain and the info fed into a track file which then is run by tracker to preview the path. I expect/want the camera to rotate smoothly around one axis, keeping the view steady while moving from one key to the next. Issue is that at times the camera is doing an awkward rotation, tumbling down to look at the ground, rotating and then turning back up to rest on the final key. Is there a way to control this behaviour? Note: Path is in 3D so rotation can occur in all 3 axes.
  14. As the title states I'm trying to use the Tracker across multiple objects. Here's my scenario: I have a SkinnedMesh railroad crossing gate that has an arm up/down animation, plus emissive materials, plus audio. When some triggered event happens in a script I'm going to run the gate_down.track file which controls the material, audio, and animation, but I want that to happen identically with all instanced copies of this crossing gate. The tracker seems to only work on a per-object-id basis. Is this not possible? What's the best way for me to solve this? Thanks.
  15. Tracker enable/disable function doesn't cleanly enable or disable ObjectParticles with Periods/Durations I even tried with putting my ObjectParticles in a DummyNode and enable that -> same result Rebuild scenario: - Take SFX Explosion (one of them) from the library - Add them disabled to the tracker and enable them somewhere in the tracker Explosion will reset every tracker frame where it should be "enabled" Cheers
  16. [SOLVED] Tracker in c#

    Any samples of using the Tracker in v2 beta from c#? iam trying to create a new interface that will allow set positions /targets of the camera to be recorded and the combine them for automated playback but struggling to even find the tracker class also once ive done this, will i be able to play the track in editor mode? or do i need to exit the editor to play it
  17. 1. Undo an edit 2. Flatten tangent handle to horizontal button. In max curve editor there is a button for making the in/out horizontal. I need this to make an object stop for a period of time and doing it by eye is impossible. Another way to achieve this in max is just to grab a key and copy it to a new time. This automatically creates a straight horizontal curve between the 2 keys. It would be nice if copying keys in unigine did that. 3. Better visualisation of the animated point on the spline. its really hard to see at the moment. 4. Visualise where cameras are all the ti
  18. Hi all, I've attached a basic sample based on tracker/nodes_00 sample. Basically it should make the same, but with the following differences: I've added a new node called 'my_statue' loaded from a node file I've added a track parameter to change 'my_statue' position in nodes_03.track When you run the sample 'my_statue' remains static, if you load track in tracker editor you can verify the tracker parameter it's resolved for this node, but the id is different from the id expressed in Nodes editor. Two more observations: In tracker editor, If you change the name to 'my_statue_0' (ac
  19. Tracker: Soundsource improvement

    Hello I would like to suggest the following improvement to Tracker: given that case: I Have a Sound Souce, which has a specific lenght. Now, if i pause tracker in the part where the SoundSource is, the Source loops. That's one thing. The other thing, if my file is longer then the Tracker Time it runs (which can be different by different Unit/s), the file continues it's play where it stopped previously. Maybe it would make more sense to default NOT LOOP sounds in Tracker and if they start again, play from 0 and not from the stop (e.g. pause) position (the source, not th
  20. can't automatically record cam/node animation in the tracker is painful. hopeful add a record feature like max/maya. just click it on and move your objects, slide the time line, and move again. thanks Yang
  21. I found it will be very slow for the tracker to update if many nodes inside it. I have update my test track file if you could try it. 1:open the world (you could use any simple mesh file in it) 2: open the tracker and load the track file result: there are 180 nodes in the tracker, it will update like 2-3 fps. workaround: create a new track file and load the heavy track inside it. this time the performance back to normal. but i think it should be fixed. aniTest.rar
  22. I would like to suggest the option to change Tracker from FRAME to TIME intervals. I use the tracker to script sequences. Now if i'm 90 FPS in the Editor it plays like i want it. Then i use FRAPS to record at 30 FPS framelimited - and everything moves 3 times slower, plus movement is inconsistent if you have FPS drops (it looks funny, but not really a help for sequences) If you would implement the option to tell the Tracker to work with seconds instead of frames, that would be great! I'd be happy if you could give a short feedback on this asap. Maybe there is a hack available
  23. [SOLVED] Tracker - Keyframer

    After much anticipation and waiting the Tracker is finally here. It looks like it will be a powerful tool, but in its current state it needs a lot more work to be useful. Features that it really needs. - ability to create and edit beziers in 3D scene to use as animation paths. These then need % tracks similar to max path animation. We have been asking for this feature for 3 years. - i have tried animating a camera in the Tracker but it turned into a nightmare while animating camera rotation. It was interesting to note that the cameras in valley demo were not animated using the tr