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Found 6 results

  1. Hello to all ambitious creators! I have been using Unigine for a short time and initially I have to say that it is very pleasant to work with. Unfortunately, I cannot consider myself quite familiar with this engine, so I assume this post, maybe it will help someone in the future. I would like to ask for help in creating a script that would be responsible for the "Sway Effect" of weapon when moving the mouse. I mean the weapon sway smoothly from side to side, and smoothly return to it's default position. It would be nice if someone helped me with it and explained in some way how it works
  2. Hi, I observed that custom properties (inherited from node_base or surface_base) are unloaded from Editor2 (they disappear from property hierarchy panel) in the case of error in script file (when you reload world with error in script). To load it again it is necessary to restart Editor2. Please fix it ASAP.
  3. Hi, I observed strange thing with Unigine scripts in Editor2. You added asset folder (to data folder, existing one). So from this moment we have 2 duplicated Unigine script files which are exactly the same, but works differently: To see changes via hot reload by world_reload command it is necessary to edit script file from data directory. That's fine. The only problem is that when I load or reload world in Editor2 then the script file from data directory is replaced by script file from asset directory. It is error prone and very uncomfortable. By mistake it is really easy to lose all chan
  4. Class Export

    hi I have created a getter and setter class in external c++ code and exported my class as:- ExternClass<CUnigineSupport> *m_unigineSupport = MakeExternClass<CUnigineSupport>(); m_unigineSupport->addConstructor(); m_unigineSupport->addFunction("getworldLoad",&CUnigineSupport::getvalue); m_unigineSupport->addFunction("setworldLoad",&CUnigineSupport::setvalue); Interpreter::addExternClass("CUnigineSupport",m_unigineSupport); and trying to call from System script (Note: Class is exported before init engine called ) by:- int init() { CUnigineSupport extern_ob
  5. Hi everybody The Math matrix function frustum() returns a mat4 variable, which I use for a asymmetric viewing frustum. I started with setting the params in meters but this didn't gave me the wished result. As I understand the returned mat4 contains integer values. Wouldn't be floats better? With a bit of try-and-error I found some params which results in a acceptable result. See the attached pictures. But I can't figure out how the params resolve the viewed image. The best result I get with overwriting the returned mat4 value .m11 with a float value... dmat4 frstmM = frustum(-0.035f,
  6. Matching up edges of Terrain Tiles

    I'm wondering if someone has solved this already. I have a railroad that crosses over MANY tiles of terrain, and I'm having to adjust the terrain heights on each tile to line up with the terrain. Easy enough with the tools, but I'll no doubt soon experience mismatching values on the terrain edges once I get to them. Is there a script or something someone may have written to solve this or do I need to engineer this myself? Or is there something I need to do as a post process. I'm on the 7.7.14 SDK.