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Found 4 results

  1. I think about moving our project to Unigine but there is something i am worried about. From what i understand making NPC's respect eachothers routs and each others collisions is immpossible? But that isnt even that big of a problem for and RTS. What worries me is placing new buildings on the map. Do i have to recalculate the whole navmesh every time i place anything in the world and how expensive might it be for a game? Maby it will limit the map size? is there any other way of doing it?
  2. Hi, Is there any condition under which the points for a 2D PathRoute are generated outside its navigation mesh volume? Please refer the attached pics. As can be seen, the route is being created below the tree's PathObstacle, rather than around it, making the point not reachable for AI. This is something that I'm observing for the first time. I had an understanding that route points are always generated on the nav mesh's bottom surface level (with added offset). In this case, nav mesh z = -0.5, height = 10, route offset = +0.5 ( making sure the tree's obstacle touches the navmesh bottom
  3. Hello, I'm having a little problem with implementing AI which looks like a beginner issue but I'm not able to figure it out. I'm trying to create an animated agent AI that moves towards another static agent(ally). Both these agents, a ground plane and a Nav sector of size 1024 * 1024 * 9 have been created in the world. I've created a custom AI class with a Node type member variable initialized using findNode(). Once that is successful I'm going into route creation. This is what is done : Init() { route = new PathRoute(2.0f); route.setMaxAngle(0.5f); route.create2D(po
  4. Hi, I'm trying to create a route2D and app crashes. Reproduced on the world samples/path/mesh00, just unzip in "samples/path/" and uncomment lines. Call stack application attached. Used Unigine source