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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm creating an application where I wish to create a mesh based on dynamic camera data that is provided by a depth sensor. I have created a similar application in Unity/Ogre/DirectX using the following process: 1) Create a Mesh of size depthImageWidth x depthImageHeight * 6 (a triangle mesh where each each depth pixel represents a triangle quad). 2) Pass DepthImage into a custom vertex/geometry shader that updates location of vertices. The shader requires all the intrinsic/extrinsic (4x4 KRt optics) to be passed into the shader (which has to be broken down into smaller vec4s or f
  2. Hello, I have added few ObjectMesh using add_editor(new ObjectMesh("*.mesh")); after this I set transformation matirx & set material & property for all the mesh objects. Now I am trying to get access to the names of each of these meshes using ObjectMesh.getName(), but I am getting null values to all. Can anyone tell me at which stage the names will be assigned to dynamically add objectmesh, so that I can access them after it. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I need build a widget windows to search target ObjectMesh and highlight it in scene, I referenced at sample selection_00: ------------------------ void update_scene() { Object object = NULL; while(1) { Vec3 p0,p1; Unigine::getPlayerMouseDirection(p0,p1); int ret[0]; Object o =,p1,~0,ret); --------------------- I need a sample how to set data to specific ObjectMesh instead of getPlayerMouseDirection. Because my code doesn't work.... Anyone has any suggestion? Thanks a lot...