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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm working on projects like.... creation of virtual sets using Unigine Editor. But I'm looking for optimization methods to bring more FPS... Already studies "superposition benchmark" to get know how to optimize.... i got know that in S.positon's used LOD, OCCLUDER... but doesn't work in my project. Moreover, (In "superposition benchmark")It's having lot of probs and high resolution textures but getting excellent FPS but HOW?HOW?HOW?HOW?. I'm wondering to know that... Find attached snapshot of my small project..... with THIS TOP

    Hi! I am trying to import a FBX file, I want to create LODs using Combine by Postfixes as is described in documentation. Here is a screenshot showing the settings to import FBX file. Here is the mesh as result of the importation. Has you can see, no LOD setting is set as specified. You can also see surface names are properly defined. So no LOD is generated... Is this an error from my side in the way I use the tool? Or there is any other problem? Thanks. lod_test.fbx
  3. [SOLVED] Water surface beaufort aspect

    Hello, I'm actually trying to solve the tiling pattern visibility of water that appears from an altitude above 200m. While water_global_base.basemat tiling is rather invisible, it's not the case with water_global_beaufort_3.mat and up, and it's just plain ugly from beaufort 5 and up (I mean, as seen from an altitude; from the ground level, all beaufort are very nice). I tried playing with the water surface LOD settings, but it looks like it's not affected (except for Min vis != -inf, which leads to a completely disappearing water). Thanks for your help.
  4. LOD settings

    Hello, I would like to make some suggestions about the configuration of LOD settings. Currently, you specify the distance to a surface or node. Min visibility [dist] Min Fade[dist] Max visibility [dist] Max Fade[dist] While this is relevant, most of the time we need to change LOD because of some mesh details size *on screen*, not actually because of its distance to the observer. So I would suggest to add the possibility to set a detail size for a surface. If this detail size would occupy more than one pixel on screen, then the LOD would be activated. ( ) Distance ba
  5. [SOLVED] LOD of hirachy

    Hello I found in docs that lods can be applied to object surfaces, only. In scene after importing model from FBX I have a lot of nodes with subnodes. Is it possible to have lods for nodes holding several meshes?
  6. [SOLVED] Reflection maps

    Hi everyone, I have been looking to optimize my water reflections, I have seen this thread and done the suggested steps. I now want to add another LOD to my trees which is VERY low poly and only visible in the water's reflection, Not the viewport, to stop using high poly trees in reflections at all. I know I will need to use the reflection mapping to do this but I'm having problems. I can get it to not reflect, but I cannot g
  7. More control over terrain

    What we need is more terrain LOD control - distance when terrain switches to Coarse maps, per-surface flatness values, etc. With low flatness values I often see lot of un-optimized geometry triangles, but raising this value leads to changes in distant mountains shape. Also it would be great to control specularity of each material. I know you are working on terrain refactoring, so it would be good time to add more power to it with such simple manipulators. p.s. just compare ObjectWater and ObjectTerrain settings - we do need as much control in latter.