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Found 2 results

  1. [SOLVED] Water trail issues

    Hi, We are working in a world with 2 ships that are very far away from each other. The ships have a water trail attached like in Oil Platform sample and also each ship has a dummy camera which follows it. In first place, when we switch between cameras there is a strange behaviour as it can be seen in these images: This trail comes from the position where the ship 1 was before switching to ship 2 camera, to the position where the ship 1 is when returning to ship 1 camera. This behaviour does not happen when ships are close to each other. Any tip of why is this happening and how can we solve it? In second place, water trail particles stop spawning when game camera is far away from the particle system source. Is there any way to force particles spawn always? (we can deal with performance decay). Thanks!
  2. Depth testing in post shader precision

    Hi all, I'm doing a post processing effect where I need to do dept testing so that effect is not applied infront of objects that are very close to the camera. In the fragment shader I'm using 'deferred_depth' texture and 'getDeferredDepth()' function to get the depth value. This works fine for smaller far/near (near: 1, far: 100). However I need a bgger value for far clipping plane and it seems the precision I get from 'deferred_depth' is pretty low. How can I get better precision? Is z-buffer available as a texture? Can I enable depth test in the post shader (set SV_DEPTH)? Thanks in advance
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