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Found 5 results

  1. Unigine Web Page

    Hello community.- Very new here, i am evaluating Unigine Engine just today. As far as for me making a purchase i cant think very much about saying SHURE, but theres one thing that is very important for me and it is Web Development, most of my work is web-based and if you say to me that Unigine supports Webgl or a simmilar solution, i would gladly make my purchase tomorrow. Your engine seems very good, in fact im a little impressed, but i need Web Development also. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm working on projects like.... creation of virtual sets using Unigine Editor. But I'm looking for optimization methods to bring more FPS... Already studies "superposition benchmark" to get know how to optimize.... i got know that in S.positon's used LOD, OCCLUDER... but doesn't work in my project. Moreover, (In "superposition benchmark")It's having lot of probs and high resolution textures but getting excellent FPS but HOW?HOW?HOW?HOW?. I'm wondering to know that... Find attached snapshot of my small project..... with THIS TOP
  3. [SOLVED] Node 3D to NDC coordinates

    Hi, I need the 2D screen Position of a 3D Node transformation. Can you write me a short code example with unigine matrices form the Player and Node and perspective division to get the NDC coordinates? auto proj = m_player->getProjection(); auto view = m_player->getTransform(); auto obj = instance->second->getNode()->getTransform(); auto projectedPosition = Unigine::Math::Mat4(proj)*view*obj*Unigine::Math::Vec4(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0); projectedPosition /= glm::abs(projectedPosition.w); x = (projectedPosition.x+1.0f)*0.5f * m_ungineAppHandle->getWidth(); y = (
  4. 3D mesh importing

    Hello, Is there C++ API support for importing 3D meshes? I would like to edit models in Maya or Modo (or similar software) and then import them into my scene using only the C++ API. Is this possible? Thanks!
  5. Hello. Как мне получить 2D координаты 3D объекта пространстве? Чтоб показать эффекты и статистику над персонажем через GUI, не используя ObjectGUI и ObjectBillboards. ===================== translation from google ===================== How do I get the 2D coordinates of a 3D-object in the viewport? I need this to show the object's effects and stats using GUI but not via ObjectGUI and ObjectBillboards Thanks.