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Found 2 results

  1. I've been experimenting with the Unigine Community edition (Very excited to be able to use it, finally), and I have come across an issue that I cannot seem to resolve. I am attempting to use a Mesh Water node to simulate a lake. Tuning the displacement parameters, I can get a decent waveform, but when I try and use the direction parameter to change the orientation of the wave, the surface becomes broken and noisy. My models are exported from 3DS Max, and have their transforms centered at zero and scales at 100%. They are simple planes with a large number of segments. In Unigine, I have them set to Z-Up and X-Forward, and they are oriented correctly in the world without any rotation. When I attempt to rotate the direction of the Gerstner waves on the surface, they stretch along the opposing axis, but they do not properly rotate. Is there a procedure that I missed in the export process? This issue occurs with a plane generated fresh in Unigine, as well. That suggests to me that rather than being an issue of how I export my geometry, it is an error in the math. I've encountered this before in my own attempts at creating Gerstner displacement, but before if was typically due to an incorrectly exported mesh. This applies to those created within Unigine as well, so I'm at a loss.
  2. In the next version of our ship simulator we will support more players in the simulation world. In this scenario, all the ships must share the same sea state to have a coherent representation regarding, not only the position, but the trim, the heel and the pitch. Is this possible in current version? In case of not, how this can be achieved? Merry Christmas! and Happy new year for all the Unigine Community, Iván.
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